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Jan 30, 2008 08:37 PM

Late-night in Phoenix

Hello all,

The company I work for occasionally does performances for First Friday/Saturday in Phoenix and afterwards we often like to go out for drinks/food and conversation. We usually don't get done until after 10:30-11pm.

I'm looking for ideas where we can go near downtown/Central Phoenix that serves food that late but isn't too loud for us to be able to hear one another and that can handle a medium-to-largish group. We're getting tired of Macayo's and George and Dragon. I know Carly's serves food that late, but they often have a band or DJ which makes conversation difficult. I'm hoping for non-chain options that serve both food and at least wine and beer if not a full bar.

Thanks in advance for your input,


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  1. This may be an obvious choice, but Fate?

    1. Hmm ... you could try Lisa G's on 7th St., or Richardson's on 16th, or Carlsbad Tavern on Hayden near Osborn if you're willing to drive a little ... too bad Nick Ligidakis can't stay in business ...

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      1. re: misohungrychewlow

        Yeah, Lisa G's is a great spot for late night. SO and I will be going there tonight for dessert after the Lewis Black show at the Dodge Theater. Don't miss out on the desserts at Lisa G's! YUM

      2. hi bax,

        i'd stay away from fate on ff - sooooo busy ;) but i would happily recommend paisley violin on grand ave, they have good food and they're open late on ff.

        lisa g's is of course great. the roosevelt for good sandwiches, welcome diner stays open late on ff.

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          Yeah, had considered Fate but I figured it would be crazy-busy on 1st Fri/Sat and that trying to get a table for a dozen or so of us would be an exercise in frustration. Back when they first opened we would go there but lately if any of us want Fate we tend to go with takeout (Fate was amazing when they first opened but now it's just ok. I'd still rather give my $ to them than to, say, Pei Wei but...).

          I really like the Roosevelt and have been wanting to take the co-workers there but don't they stop food service at 10pm?

          Lisa G's is a possibility tho'. We've gotten take-out lunch there but never eaten in or been for dinner/late. Could they seat a group of 10-12-ish?

          Paisley Violin's a good suggestion too. I keep meaning to go there & haven't made it yet.

          Welcome Diner wouldn't work, unfortunately. Even if they're open late enough we'd have to stack people on the counter. Ha. (does anyone else remember the early days of Welcome Diner when chef Pete Deyo [I think?] was running the place? It is good now but was FANTASTIC then. I/we still fantasize about his grilled cheese/tomato/basil sandwiches. Burgers were great too. Sigh. Anyone know what Chef Pete is doing now?).

          Thanks for the input everyone; if anyone else has ideas they'd be more than welcome.


        2. Networks bar and grill on the ground level of the Hyatt has a limited, but adequate menu and serves food until 2am. It's rarely ever crowded and the only noise is form the tevisions and piped in music. Being a hotel bar, the drinks are slightly pricier than neighboring establishments.