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Griddle Cafe Suggestions

This Saturday I'll finally be paying patronage to "The Griddle Cafe" and am in desperate need of ordering suggestions. I'm assuming I should stick to either the pancakes or french toast, but I'm having serious issues narrowing down my choices.

Also I know the place gets crowded, but does anyone have an idea of how early I'd need to get there on said day to avoid the long wait?

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  1. I went a few months ago, and the wait was extremly long. The restaurant was very crowded. Portions were huge. I would recommend sharing one plate with two or three people. I did not even make a dent in my blueberry pancakes. I think they were called Blues-berry pancakes, and they were thick and big, topped with blueberry sourcream. Street parking was also a challenge. It's worth checking out. I think one of my friends got a waffle topped with fresh strawberries, and it looked very good.

    Here's a link to the menu:


    1. I heard that ordering "short stack" for the pancakes would save you the biblical portions, but is there a price difference? It'd be silly to pay for one pancake as if your paying for three. I'd rather get three and wheel the extras out for later.

      1. I live nearby and have been a few times in recent months. The parking lot for Rite Aid on the corner of Sunset and Fairfax is also for the Griddle, so park there and just walk around the corner to the restaurant. As for ordering, I usually get one of the pancakes (love the banana or regular pancakes) or the french toast. They are all delicious and literally enormous!! I basically eat like 1/3 (and that is when i'm starving) and bring the rest home for lunch or breakfast the next day. I have to say the pancakes hold up pretty well in the fridge! My husband usually gets the Tequila Sunrise huevos rancheros dish or one of their egg scramble dishes. I absolutely LOVE the tequila flavored chicken sausages. The coffee is delicious and free flowing. The service is quick and good, considering how packed it is. There is usually a wait (I'd say 30 minutes on average), but well worth it! Enjoy!

        1. To avoid a wait, this is one of the few places in town you have to arrive at before 9AM. It's crazy! Especially in hang-over prone Hollywood/West Hollywood. It's a small place, though.
          The "short stack" of one pancake is a lesser charge than a full.
          I love the French Toast with apples. LOVE it. It has streusel topping. so good.
          I like the lemon pancakes with raspberry. When they have pumpkin, they add this really great whipped cream, thick and real, not from a can.

          The banana pancakes are their biggest seller, apparently. The saute the bananas in brown sugar and butter first. Decadent!

          I could go on. Don't panic, just go with what feels right when you are there. Don't try to plan ahead.

          OH, they use chili from Chili My Soul, usually 3-5 different flavors a day. They are usually happy to bring samples too. I had the best chili cheese omelet of my life there.

          What erintoc said about the Rite Aid lot is correct. You can enter the restaurant from the back as well as around the corner.

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            As good as their pancakes and french toast are, I also usually end up getting a chili omelet for breakfast, and I sub their house-made tortilla chips instead of potatoes. Make's a great combo.

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              the apple french toast is good, but so are the apple filled pancakes.

              i had to look up the names, but...
              RECESS TIME - streusel cakes are really good
              WHOLEY MOLEY - wheat and brown sugar (i like the flavor of brown sugar a lot)
              CREME de la CREME - cheesecake batter topped french toast

              ...of course, gluten intolerance does not permit these indulgences without severe repercussions any more, so now it's egg white omelettes mostly, but i vicariously enjoy these... oh and if you're a chocolate person, there's oreo pancakes or chocolate french toast dish.

            2. If you don't mind sitting at the counter - the wait is usually much shorter....

              1. On a Saturday, get there close to opening or plan on at least a 30-min wait, possibly shorter if you're willing to sit at the counter. The portions are so huge I've taken to ordering the oatmeal, which is delicious but more reasonably sized. And the French press coffee should not be missed!

                1. The French toast is awesome. Just how I like it -- eggy, (and sweet). And I love the wholey moley pancakes, and the regular pancakes.

                  Yeah, get there before they open.

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                    1)Rite-Aid-great idea for the parking, and makes life a lot easier than finding street parking.
                    2)Counter-sitting here will make life easier also, but only if there's a max. of two in your group, because you can hardly find more than two seats available.
                    3)Arrive Early-as stated above, it gets insane. From 10am onwards, it's at least an hour on weekends.
                    4)Prepare to gorge-the portions are MASSIVE. Don't plan on eating later in the day.

                    Now, my personal opinions are these: The staff is adorable, friendly and willing to help, but Providence this is not. Don't go in expecting anything fancy, but more on an IHOP type service but with an LA pretty face. Expect massive portions and the smile to go along with it when you taste this comfort food. Now, expect some long wait times, and if you happen to gripe to management, don't expect too much of a solution. The owner is a tyrant, and about as moody as it gets. Catch her on a good day and she's your best friend, will introduce you to the celeb regulars, and drop free food at your table...catch her on a bad day and you'll get the wrath. There's plenty more on other blogs about her attitude and sass.

                  2. Avoid the granola. I tried it today for the first time and it's a texture-less, cinnamon-y disappointment. Turns into a mushy mess after a few minutes in milk, too, like a puffy cereal. Eeek!

                    1. Well this is already past the date, but I had to comment, because nobody mentioned the best frickin thing ever for breakfast anywhere in LA:

                      POACHED Y PAPAS!!! Eggs Benedict on fried potato skins with a slab of grilled ham.

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                        And for an extra 95 cents you can throw some avocado on top of that (gotta be healthy and make sure you get your "fruit" too to make up for the fact that the above is slathered in Hollandaise sauce!).