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Jan 30, 2008 08:20 PM

DineLA Grace Warning

Just got back from DineLA at Grace. Although you could eat for the listed price, many choices had an additional surcharge ranging from $10-$15. One could argue that this provided more options, but I thought that it was a bit of a "bait and switch". The $34 dinner could easily become a $59 dinner. Two dinners, three glasses of wine and a coffee ended up costing $160 including tip. The service was excellent, the food was good, but I won't be back for a regular dinner. I would be interested to know whether other restaurants also adding surcharges?

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  1. Two of us mentioned that already, here:

    But I don't remember any options with a $15 supplemental charge, just the $10 charge, at least last night. The $34 menu is consistent with what's posted as the Grace menu on the dineLA website, but somewhere in the FAQ's on that website I read that the participating restaurants will have 3 choices for each of the 3 courses, and Grace is not doing that.

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      Foie gras was $15. I read nothing about surcharges. And you could rack up surcharges for both first and second courses. I am happy to spend $160 for two, if that is what I set out to do

    2. supplemental charges is a fairly common practice for tasting/prix fixe menus at fine dining venus around the world.

      1. "The service was excellent, the food was good, but I won't be back for a regular dinner"

        considering how rare it is to find both of these things, why would you deny yourself the pleasure of another meal there? sounds to me as though there was a misunderstanding about the protocol for this week, and grace isn't the only restaurant levying supplemental charges. i truly don't believe neal fraser would try to pull a bait & switch on anyone - he's a really good guy.

        1. I certainly think you are being a bit harsh, given that they supplement their menu to allow further choices at still reduced costs. DineLA does not stipulate how many offerings are provided at each course; it only stipulates that there be three courses. Some restaurants only offer one choice (which is not a choice, and is a bit absurd), and some go the extra mile. Grace has done both by providing two offerings without extra charge and then providing additional options with a small supplement. One of its options included without extra charge, the filet, is one of its most expensive menu items. Hardly a bait and switch... All in all, my boyfriend and I greatly enjoyed our meal there without spending over $100.

          1. This doesn't seem like a problem to me. They did offer the $34 menu published on the website, right? Seems to me that offering a few items in addition to the expected menu for a supplemental charge gives you more choices, and it's still a better deal than going on a regular night.