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Delivery or To-Go near Cedars Sinai Hospital

Have couple or three more days left in hospital, and will do almost anything to avoid eating hospital food. Already burnt out on Jerry's Deli, so looking for other ideas...

Please Help Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  1. Hey Phil, a speedy recovery to you.

    In the meantime, have someone do takeout at Cafe Angelino down the street. Get their pizze funghi - really authentic flat Roma-style pizza, with just the right amount of mushrooms. Their farfalle Angelino & tiramisu are excellent also.

    Cafe Angelino
    8735 W. 3rd St.
    LA, CA 90048

    Get well soon!
    (Fellow Cedars-Sinai survivor) J.L.

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    1. re: J.L.

      Thanks J.L.

      Will check it out. Surviving the surgeries seems relatively easy compared to fighting for one's culinary life in the battle with CS food services. Tonight's chicken broth tasted more like the soap used to wash the bowl. All suggestions get double use as the wife is scheduled to deliver at CS in 3 months.


    2. Get well soon.
      II have been visiting Cedars, or nearby medical offices, regularly and often stop around the corner (and a few blocks) at Vito's for pizza or a calzone. Don't tell my doctors!

      Vito’s Pizza
      846 N. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles
      (310) 652-6859

      1. Natalee Thai on Robertson used to deliver to me when I lived in the Cedars-Sinai area. If they don't deliver in the hospital itself, they can definitely do a to-go order.

        1. Here's a Cedars thread from a few months ago with a whole bunch of take out/delivery recs:


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            Good thread linked here... may you have a speedy recovery and eased culinary woes... steer clear of TCSD (traumatic culinary stress disorder)

            Al Gelato on Robertson
            Michel Richard
            Cafe Bella Roma
            Breakfast from Ed's Coffee Shop on Robertson
            Newsroom Cafe
            Celadon for a splurge
            [If you have nice friends/family, you're not too far from Ethiopian on Fairfax or from the Farmers' Market]

          2. Pine Noodle House is surprisingly good chinese and they are minutes away from you

            1. All of these are great choices. Another idea is to ask some of the nurses. They always order out, and most nursing stations have a notebook full of takeout menus. I work there and frequently get takeout from all of the places mentioned. Another phenomenal Thai restaurant that delivers to Cedars is Galanga. well worth it when in hospital (or out in the free world too!!).

              Galanga Thai Fusion
              7440 Santa Monica Blvd
              Los Angeles, CA 90046
              (323) 851-4355

              Hope you get well soon!

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                The Grand Lux Cafe (fancy Cheese Cake Factory) has a big and varied menu. I do not know if they deliver, but it is a short walk. It is located at the Beverly Center 310. 855-1122

              2. Breadbar, Cuvee, egg salad caviar sandwiches and more from Petrossian on Robertson.
                It's a great area for food.

                1. Holy Cow is just down the street and delivers for some tasty Indian food.