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Jan 30, 2008 08:08 PM

NJ Corn Muffins -- looking for recipe

For years I have been trying to replicate the corn muffins of my youth -- from the Shop Rite Bakery. Yeah, the baked goods section in the Shop Rite supermarkets on the East Coast (specifically, northern NJ). Call it comfort food, but there was always something about them that resonated with me -- twisting off the tops, dipping them in milk, yummm.

I have never been able to come even close with a homemade recipe. Can anyone help?

Specifically, these are super-moist, large, soft, sweet, and probably very bad for you. Almost more of a corn-flavored cake, rather than a muffin. No icing, no corn kernels, no cheese, and (shudder) no jalapeno peppers. Just homogeneous sweet cornmeal goodness, slightly crisp around the bottom and sides. Every recipe I have ever tried is either too dry, too grainy, and/or not sweet enough. I suspect that there is a fair amount of oil used in this recipe, based on the, uhh, shine that reflects off the muffin top.

So chowhounds, any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Are these the kind they sell at the Greek Coffee Shops/Diners in N.Y. where they are called Corn Muffins....they are split and then griddled in butter! Crispy corny cakey goodness??!!!

        If they's a link to a recipe from a lady in New Jersey for Coffeeshop Corn Muffins

        I also have a recipe from "Junior's" restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn...called "Golden Corn Muffins" let me know and I'll post that one...

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          I'd love to see that Jr's recipe--thanks!

          1. re: ChowFun_derek

            Yes, I think the diners make them this way also! Thanks for the links -- I think this looks promising, and would also love to see Jr's recipe. Thanks!

            1. re: Chris Mitra

              in case those don't work out for you, here's a link to a recipe i posted for other Hounds on a similar quest:

          2. These might do--amusement park cornbread. Enough sugar to make a southerner cry.;-)


            1. Don't know what your looking for but I need the old Pathmark Corn muffin recipe. Does anyone know where to find this it must from 25 years ago. Need this bad! Thanks Ron

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                How about Thomas' Cornbread ToasterCakes? Flat and round?
                Anyone remember? Used to get them all the time in New York,nowhere to be found
                in Seattle. Anyone w/ recipe perhaps?

                1. re: grangie angie

                  Has to be the pathmark corn muffins. They were a full large muffin. They were peaked in the middle dipped down and up on the sides. The were sweet to eat by themselves without even butter. They were greasy or sticky to the touch. No paper cups more like a cake. No evidence of cornmeal but very yellow like a typical corn muffin. Texture was moist but somewhere between a cake and muffin. I would like to post this to a main page but this is the only place I can get to. Thanks Ron