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Peanut Butter Dessert

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This is my first time starting a topic....I am looking for a place for a birthday celebration 2 weeks from now (on a Saturday night). I was hoping to find someplace with a dessert involving peanut butter, though it need not be the focal point. I am thinking specifically of something like a dessert I had at Hearth years ago, which was a milk chocolate tart with a semolina crust and peanut butter ice cream. The fact that I can remember it after so many years gives you an idea of how much I liked it!

If it matters, I'm looking overall for a place with mid-range prices on the entrees ($20-$30). Though really I'm more interested in the dessert than the meal!

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  1. gramercy tavern has a chocolate peanut butter cake.

    or you could go the more casual route and have peanut butter as your meal at peanut butter & co. [they also have a chocolate peanut butter pie for dessert]...or max brenner.

    Gramercy Tavern
    42 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003

    Max Brenner
    841 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

    Peanut Butter and Co.
    240 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012

    1. Maybe not great for a birthday celebration, but last year I had dessert at Whym -- a ridiculous layering of thick chocolate and peanut butter in a martini glass - seriously indulgent and amazing...

      1. It's been a couple of years now (Nov 05, I think) but we were served one of the best desserts ever in life at Tocqueville.... peanut butter panna cotta with grape sorbet. I still have dreams about that dessert! I don't know if it's on their dessert menu this winter, but I would surely call and ask! Tocqueville is at 1 East 15th Street, just off 5th Avenue.

        The rest of their menu is exceptional, also!

        1. Prices for entrees at WD 50 would blow your 20-30$ limit, but lots of people go just for the desserts and dessert tasting menu. There's one on the menu, now, that I fell in love with and that might suit your palate, too. It's described as "soft chocolate, sesame ice cream, ancho caramel, peanut powder." More peanuty than peanut buttery, obviously.

          Grab dinner somewhere else in the east village and head to WD 50, after.

          1. tribeca grill has an amazing peanut butter pie and park avenue has fantastic desserts, but I'm not sure if the winter menu has peanut butter on it.

            1. I second the Gramercy Tavern rec.
              Not what you're looking for, but I had a great pb hot chocolate at Jacques Torres yesterday.

              1. Lure has an amazing peanut butter dessert, as did Le Cirque when I was there last month.

                1. Maze at the London Hotal has a "peanut butter sandwich" dessert which is completely not what it sounds like.

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                    more details, please! this sounds tasty...

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                      Hi cimui,

                      The PB & J sandwich that I referred to is actually what kayonyc was talking about. It was a mousse cake topped with a salted peanut brittles and nuts, and a cherry sorbet. It was actually quite different from what I expected (dense and creamy) because it was quite like and the cherry sorbet gave it a refreshing taste. It was interesting and a nice variation on the PB&J theme.

                      Picture attached!

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                        Thanks for the beautiful picture, kobetobiko (did you take it?!), and beautiful description, kayonyc. I really want to try this.

                        Is the stuff between the brittle mousse only or mousse cake?

                  2. I just had a wonderful "peanut butter and jam" dessert at Maze today, involving a cherry sorbet and a dense mousse like layer sandwiched between thin sheets of peanut brittle pieces. I think that's what KT is talking about? Their entrees are likely to be more pricey, but maybe you could stop by for dessert after your main meal - maybe at the bar. The restaurant is stunning.

                    1. Okay I second the Choclolate Cake with Peanut Butter at the Tavern room at Gramercy Tavern.

                      BUT the Best dessert I've had all year is the Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate, Caramel Parfait with Crunchy Meringue and Peanut Brittle. Here's a picture:


                      This is some serious stuff! And both places have great entrees in the range you are looking for.

                      The only other dessert I can think of is at Momofuku Ssam the PB & J. The jelly part was a little too sweet for me but other people like it. Heres another pic


                      Great topic btw as I am always in search as well!

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                          No the #1 is Irving Mill...followed in close second place by Gramercy tavern!

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                            oh, when i said #2 i just meant the order in which you listed them...you mentioned the irving mill dessert second.

                      1. I loved the "peanut butter sandwich" at Maze, too.

                        Another option is:

                        peanut brittle ice cream & huckleberry gelée

                        at Telepan. Yum.

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                          I've actually had this, before, and while I didn't dislike it (it's peanut butter and chocolate after all), I thought it was pretty inelegant and run of the mill in flavor. They give you such a gigantic brick of it. It's a subjective matter, of course, but to me, it tasted like something you could pick up in Starbucks, just bigger.

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                            The only thing I'll eat from Magnolia is their peanut butter icebox pie, it's great.

                            You should also try Treats Truck (http://www.treatstruck.com/), outstanding peanut butter cookie sandwiches, and if you like something really sweet, peanut butter chocolate brownies. You can call up and make an order.