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Jan 30, 2008 07:03 PM

Shepherdstown WV restaurants

I will be in Shepherdstown WV for 2 weeks starting next week for a training class. Any restaurant recommendations? No fancy places...just good Italian, Mexican, or BBQ places would be great. Thanks

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  1. Stone Soup Bistro is on the fancy side but it's a great place
    recent thread at

    and make sure you have a drink in the basement "brickskellar" at the Bavarian Inn, good n kitschy
    good luck

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    1. re: Jamie D

      I definitely recommend Stone Soup. It's one of my favorites, and always worth a day trip from DC. And yes, it can be fancy, but there's a nice little bar in the back where you can camp out and make friends with the locals.

    2. Lucky you! It's one of my favorite getaway places. My vote is for 3 Onions. Again, a bit on the fancy side but tastey. I always thought the Yellow Brick Bank was overrated IMHO. I was reading about an excellent vegetarian restaurant in Shepherdstown. Is that Stone Soup? I want to try something new when I meet my friend for lunch there next weekend.

      Betty's is an institution. Blue Moon Cafe is good for soups and sandwiches.

      If you have time, grab a coffee from The Lost Dog, a pastry from Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe, cross over the bridge and take a stroll on the C&O canal.

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        forgot about the Blue Moon, I'll second the rec. a good value for the money, very casual, a great beer selection, and live music too

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          Thanks for all the suggestions...I'll take my time and visit all these places...

      2. Dinner @ 3 Onions was one of the highlights of our weekend there last Spring. Food was great, but place was busy so make a reservation.

        1. If you are going for one of the OPM classes they provide your meals for you every night except for 2 and they give you dinner coupons to use at local places for those 2 meals. Bavarian Inn is one of them and it's quite good. There was a place when i was there that was in an old firehouse or bank or something that was good too.

          1. definitely try 3 Onions. The food is wonderful. I must admit, I have (had?) a low image of W.Va. until we stumbled into this restaurant late one night. we had no idea W.Va could be so elegant. The chef was just about closing down the kitchen, but they agreed to fire up the grill for us. it was a wonderful meal with superb service. even though they were ready to close, they never rushed us, and the food did not feel rushed either. And I agree with another reviewer to avoid Yellow Brick Bank. overpriced and over rated. food was just OK. service was atrocious. several times we had to get up and walk around the restaurant in search of our waitress, who when she would show up at our table, ask if everything was ok, and then run off before we could even answer. Our water glasses were empty for most of our dinner. besides, the Pepto Bismal pink paint color is so atrocious, it's enough to kill your apetite.