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Jan 30, 2008 06:42 PM

Singer Island - 5 new finds !!

We've been coming to Singer Island each winter for about 8 years. We've found a number of great places to eat in that time. This year we were determined to find some new places. Here they are -
1 - Right here on Singer Island - Max & Eddie's. We didn't want to go anywhere so we tried Max & Eddie's for takeout. Really good. Reasonable prices. When I went to pick up our dinners, the place was packed. People were standing in the entrance. Why we didn't find this before is a mystery to me!
2 - The Brass Ring. Just up Route 1 near Northlake Blvd., this neighborhood bar has the best burger I had in FL. My wife really liked the chicken wings. We went about 7pm and had to wait about 15-20 minutes for a table. Well worth the wait!
3 - Jim's Place in Jupiter. What a great breakfast find. These folks really know how to cook over-easy eggs. The ham steak is terrific! My wife loved their short stack with bacon. The only thing I didn't like was the home fries, which were shredded and not crispy enough for me.
4 - Tabica in Jupiter. Just down the row from Jim's Place, this was a great find! What I'd call sophisticated, maybe gourmet, cooking. Nice wine selection. Nice ambiance. Reasonable prices.
5 - Paris in Town - A1A & PGA Blvd. Best croissants since.... well, SINCE PARIS! Really good pastries and a very nice breakfast for very good prices.

Can't wait to come back next year, hit these places again, and try to find a few more new ones!

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  1. Solu is all the rave on Singer Island and surrounding area. You may want to try it out but I have never been.

    Solu, 3800 N. Ocean Drive (in the Resort at Singer Island), Riviera Beach; (561) 340-1795

    Brass Ring Pub in Lake Park has some good burgers for the area, maybe the best. This place is nothing more than a dive and it is always packed. Expect a dive and you won't be let down.

    Tabica Grill in Jupiter definitely has some good food for the area as well. Osso bucco is very good.

    Some more of my favorites in the PBG/Jupiter area:

    Food Shack in Jupiter - strip mall location that is always packed. Don't expect much for the interior but the fresh seafood is top notch. Casual and long waits.

    Cantina Laredo on PGA Blvd - less expensive and better Mexican than Rosa's. It is upscale Mexican and most entrees are around$15. Chili relleno stuffed with meat, fruits, and nuts is awesome. However, their mole sauce is a disappointment.

    City Kitchen in Downtown @ Gardens - great food and very nice open dining room. This is one of my favorites and entrees run around $20.

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      re City Kitchen - as one of my granddaughters likes to say "I can't like that". We've been there a couple of times and don't intend to return.

    2. Def try:

      Oakwood Grill - Great Steaks, Amazing Fish, all cooked over a legit oak burning grill, simple, good food, fantastic wine list, service is exceptional. Has a great outdoor bar for cocktails and small foods.

      Gazebo Cafe - Fantastic classy bistro. Not so pricey for what it is, service is tantamount.

      El Colonial - Best Cuban food this side of Havana (the restaurant on Forrest Hill not the city)

      As for those mentioned before

      Solu is good, a bit overhyped.

      Brass Ring is FANTASTIC, burgers are out of this world, beer is cheap and flows, the crowd is straight local.

      Tabica, have had a few decent meals there, but more often mediocre.

      Food Shack... cant say enough about how much of a gem this place is. Innovative menu, great crowd, fun staff. These Reef Grill Alums do it right.

      Laredo/Kitchen - Both weak chain locations with low quality products and poor service. Cantina may be the best mexican the area has, but its still not good at all.

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      1. re: HDB107

        I'm a Mexican fanatic and am hard pressed to find anything like what I am used to In Atlanta. Laredo is the only thing I know besides taco stands. If you want some pretty good Mexican street food IMO, Tacos Al Carbon in Lake Worth is my fix. I hear there's a Taco Lady or something that gets good reviews. I'm still looking for a real taqueria that has great al pastor and fresh table top salsas.

        So what other Mex restos are worthy? Most of what I find are the order by number joints which are typically too Americanized for my tastes.

        El Colonial in Lake Park I assume. I hear it's good but have yet to try it out. I've been to Havana on Forest Hill/US1 and I was pleased.

        Oakwood Grill is out of my average price range but looks good for a special occasion to me.

        1. re: freakerdude

          Hi from the Montreal Board, we just spent 3 days at the Resort and ate at Solu twice, loved it very much. The key lime ice cream is to die for; my husband had 3 appetizers and I had a main meal, the spicy orange chicken, they had fish that seemed amazing , I eyed them on other diner's plates.

      2. For takeout I've discovered a wonderful place in palm beach gardens/lake park area. It's called Simply Maria's Cafe on the corner of 10th Street off northlake boulevard. You can dine in or they also have a drive thru window so you can order your food and just pick it up at the window. Don't forget to try their deserts, the carrot cake is phenomenal!

        1. In my 55 years as an avid pizza lover never in my life have i tasted a pizza so atrocious as I have from Max & Eddies. The sauce tasted like an expired can of tomato paste, the cheese was plastic tasting, definetly nothing I've encountered before and prey I never encounter again. The pizza crust was some crummy quick mix formula that was heavy and sour tasting. It's obvious that Max & Eddies is taking advantage of the time share people on Singer Island whom are only here for one week per year before another naive time sharer takes their place and wanders into Max & Eddies. Shame on the owners of this establishment taking advantage of tourists whom they'll never see again. I'm a resident on Singer Island always wondered why the locals never ate at Max & Eddies, now I know why!!

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          1. re: gigstarr2

            Drive to Carmine's La Trattoria on PGA for some great pizza. But everyone has their own idea of what the best pizza is. It is an upper scale type place and not a pizza joint. You can get takeout while their gourmet market is open, which is what we do.

            La Trattoria Restaurant
            2401 PGA Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

            1. re: gigstarr2

              I have to agree with freakerdude, the pizza at Carmine's is terrific! And, you can order one with any toppings you want, not just what they show on their menu. I can't speak to the pizza at Max & Eddies, because we've never had pizza from there. I can only tell you that the take-out we ordered was really good (I have no idea now what we had - it was too long ago!).

              1. re: bucksguy14

                finally....a few restaurant recommendations for Singer Island. This will be our third vacation on Singer Ilsand and mabye this time, we will check out a restaurant or two!!! Thank you so much..I will be printing out this page and bringing it with me.

                1. re: domesticgodess


                  City Kitchen has closed...I guess it was too mediocre
                  El Colonial appears to have closed since the Toyota dealership is now parking their cars there.
                  Cantina Laredo was good when they first opened but not so much there after.

                  I *highly* rec Leftovers Cafe in Abacoa or their first resto Food Shack in Jupiter. Both are excellent casual seafood restos that have some creative dishes to say the least. Entrees run $25'ish for fresh fish that can't be beat.

                  Food Shack
                  103 S US Highway 1 # D3, Jupiter, FL

                  Moirs Leftovers
                  451 University Blvd, Jupiter, FL

            2. have you ever had delivery from pizza lino? their dough and cheese are incredible-check it out next time!