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Jan 30, 2008 06:29 PM

outback steakhouse in quincy or bugaboo in braintree?

Please don't slam me on this but, I need to determine the better of the two as I'm entertaining some "meat and potato" people who love those types of places. Thanks in advance.

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  1. A little out of your element, no? Just kidding of course! It's a dilemma we've all been in. I went to Bugaboo in Watertown once and thought it was decent. I don't remember what my entree was, but the garlic mashed potatoes were pretty awesome. I'm not much of a steakhouse kind of lady though. I went to Outback ages ago and I think I had a negative experience or I have an otherwise irrational bias against it. Also, since Bugaboos are rarer, maybe your guests will perk up at the opportunity to eat their meat and potatoes with slightly different preparation? Good luck.

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      If I had to choose between those options, I'd choose Bugaboo Creek, since I find Outback waaaay too salty. But I agree with bostogal- my meat and potatoes loving parents were thrilled with Grumpy White's.

    2. Skip them both and go to Grumpy White's in Quincy and get their steak tips....less of a wait. Both Outback and Bugaboo are always so crowded and it isn't worth the wait.

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        1. Avoid both those places. Try the Fireplace in Washington Square for an American experience that should also suit meat & potato people.

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            Sorry, but someone choosing between a location in Quincy or a location in Braintree is unlikely to want to add an additional 30-45 minutes (each way) for traveling to (and finding parking in) Washington Square, Brookline.

          2. I guess the lesser of two evils would be Outback. Bugaboo atmosphere is geared to kids. Both are just EH!