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Going to Providence

I am going to Providence this weekend for my birthday. Don't think the budget will support the chefs tasting menu, so I would like to try the fixed tasting menu. However I recently decided no more beef/veal. I saw that movie Fast Food Nation. Will they accomodate that request on the fixed tasting menu? Or do I have to go with ala carte? I know you guys know!

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  1. Providence has been more than accommodating on a regular basis when it comes to food requests. Just call them and make arrangements a couple of days in advance. I have friends that are vegetarians and it's never a problem. Besides their Fish dishes are our favorites anyway.

    1. Have a wonderful birthday meal. I did this for my birthday last year and it was extremely memorable. We did the fixed menu and they were very accomodating to my husband's request to not want to eat any raw fish. I don't remember there being too many courses that had beef/veal, Russ is right, fish is what they do best

      1. Congrats on eliminating beef/veal from your diet! Providence is the best food I've come across in LA. My suggestion is to eat lightly until dinner. My system is not use to food that rich and I couldn't sleep that night and I felt a food hangover the next day.

        The two amuse-bouche were very fanciful and scrumptious but the hillbilly in thought the portions of the rest of the courses would be minuscule. So I chowed down on bread and butter. Big mistake!

        Take your time and savor. Happy Birthday!

        1. Cool, sounds like it won't be a problem. I picked it becuase they are known for their fish/seafood. You guys are all great, and thank you for the Birthday Wishes!!!!

          1. I went to Providence last year for my bday, and they subbed in duck for the beef, on the spot. Have a great time and happy bday!

            1. I did the 5 course menu on Sat. and it was almost exactly the same as when I was there in October (surprisingly), so I asked to sub out the veal, which was good but I didn't really want again. They gave me a salmon dish that was part of the 9-course menu, and my impression was they regularly get that request. So no need to worry.


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                Megan: Thanks for sharing this. I've been worried about doing it again because I'd been hearing that they don't change it up that often. I also tend to do these special event tasting things only once per restaurant because if the experience is good, like Providence was, I'm worried the next time just can't be as good. Plus there are so many places I still haven't been, have to spread the special occasion dining out to cover the places we haven't hit.

              2. Ask them to swap it out for salmon. They have the best salmon I have ever tasted.

                1. They'll be even MORE happy to fulfill your request if you call to confirm the reservation and tell them you want the fixed TM but don't want beef or veal. The kitchen will appreciate the early heads-up.

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                    Would both of us have to substiture, or could just one of use do it. Since my BF will probably want the variation.

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                      They can do it for just one. But you both have to get the tasting menu. Do call ahead and ask the manager, though. Often you are better served by calling and asking than asking on here-the restaurant itself is absolutely certain what it can cad cannot do.

                  2. Thanks for all the info. We went Saturday. it was an amazing experience. I had two complaints, one is that we wanted to do the tasting menu, him the full menu me the 5 course. THey were not ok with that. Timing issues, which I sorta understand, but just leave me out of those courses and hold mne til the next, so not really, also the substitute for the veal was salmon. I was not sure if it was even cooked, the server could hardly speak english and when I ask about the preparation he mumbled something. It was ok, but tasted kinda like it was smoked or gravloxed but not cooked. Any comments on that? My BF said the veal was amazing. We ended up with the 5 course tasting and added an addtional course, they chose lobster whcih was fine by me, and pretty good.

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                      what's wrong with uncooked salmon? Frankly, I prefer mine smoked adn not cooked to death. Much better texture and flavor.