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Jan 30, 2008 04:52 PM

Starving for BBQ

My husband and I were watching a food network show about BBQ and now we're starving! Where can we get some great BBQ around here? We've lived in the south so we really appreciate good BBQ, but we recently moved to the East Bay area and have no clue where to go. Help!

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  1. Where in the East Bay? How far do you want to go?

    1. I've heard that Memphis Minnie's in SF is good, but I have never tried it.

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        1. re: orleanslaura

          I haven't tried Memphis Minnie's either but it was featured on a recent episode of Check Please Bay Area and all 3 panelists loved it. I plan to go soon when the hubub from the TV plug dies down.

          1. re: JockY

            Yes, I agree. Brisket and the beans are great.

        2. If you're in Calistoga, go to Buster's at the corner of Rt 29 and Lincoln Ave. The best souther BBQ in the North Bay.

          1. I agree with the rest that Memphis Minnie's is probably the best all around BBQ joint in the Bay Area. Exceptional brisket, very good pulled pork, rib tips and poultry, and better than average sides. The St. Louis cut spareribs can be hit or miss though.

            In the East Bay, my favorite place is Bo's in Lafayette. They use high quality ingredients like Certified Angus Beef and are pretty consistent. You do have to get over the idea of traveling to a suburb to eat you 'cue on a patio overlooking a parking lot though...

            If you don't mind hole in wall type places that like to smother everything in sauce, then there are plenty of other options in the east bay too...

            1. T-Rex in north Berkeley has gotten some good reviews here lately. It is more upscale than most BBQ you will find in the area. You will fortunate if you can find BBQ anywhere in the Bay Area that is a good as your favorite BBQ from your time living in the south.