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Jan 30, 2008 04:17 PM

Msr. Lapin even though we don't like rabbit?

I was looking at the Monsieur Lapin website and absolutely fell in love with the decor. I know that they specialize in rabbit. Has anyone dined there recently sans rabbit?

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  1. hmmm. lapin sans rabbit... wouldn't that amount to "nothing"? kidding. surely that can't be the case. where in paris is monsieur lapin? by the way, you know that if you give some idea of your budget and expectations, you'll get a helpful heaping of suggestions on the board here... ask some of the usual suspects (souphie, phild, chefjune, et al), and you're sure to learn a lot!

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      p.s. just did a search of "monsieur lapin" here, and got 30 hits. enjoy!

      1. re: brian d

        Thanks Brian. I'm a Chowhound old-timer, but new to the Paris board. Didn't feel like sifting through tons of text. I'll try the search.

        1. re: Trixie Too

          Yes go! This one changed hands a year or two ago. The emphasis seems now to be a bit less on rabbit than it was before the change but it still figures prominently on the menu. The non rabbit items are outstanding. They are open on Sunday night too.