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Jan 30, 2008 04:14 PM

Bottomless Mimosas in Austin?

My girl friends and I are looking for a fun Sunday Brunch spot that offers bottomless mimosas. Any tips?

We have tried Dona Emilia's (which is delicious), but we're looking for a new spot. Oh, and we're trying not to spend a fortune.


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  1. i believe moonshine has a bottomless mimosa option during their sunday brunch. i could be wrong though. they would definitely fit into your not wanting to spend a fortune requirement. good luck!

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    1. Okay this may sound like a stretch, but what I like to do for a fun economical Sunday brunch (besides host it at my house, at which point it rarely remains economical) is take a carafe of fresh squeezed OJ (tangerine or grapefruit are both locally in season at the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market), and a bottle or two of sparkling wine and some sturdy stemware, and head over to Torchy's Tacos on S. 1st. They have great hangover food (fajitas and queso!) and a nice patio when the weather is accommodating. I have brought as many as 10 people there and we have made our own party. Cheap (compared not to other taco carts but, say, to...Fonda), and tasty, and fun if you are the creative sort. The only BYOB brunch I can think of!

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        For what it is worth, I saw a bottomless mimosas sign at Waterloo WTFUN (way the heck up north).

      2. It's been a while since I've done Hickory Street for Sunday brunch, but they had BM's there when they first started the brunch, at least.

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          Clarification: Hickory Street Bar and Grill - on Congress. I think there's another Hickory Street Something on 6th.

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            Taverna has bottomless mimosas and bellini's at brunch. The food is so-so.

        2. Lambert's and they use fresh squeezed juice and the food is fabulous!

          1. Iron Cactus has a really reasonable brunch on Sunday and they offer a bottomless mimosa for 1 very reasonable price.