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Jan 30, 2008 04:09 PM

Battle of the Bolognese

Wanting to make some spectacular bolognese for this weekend.
Which do you prefer and why?
Any other favourite that has not been mentioned?

a) Lidia's

b) Marcella's
Sidebar - Love this thread:

c) Mario's

d) Tyler Florence

e) Delia Smith

f) Saveur (with chicken livers

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  1. Can you summarize the differences?

    1. I've used Lydia's book recipe several times with some tweaking based on her demonstration of it on the TV show and a touch of Marcella's, each time the meal was very very good.
      On Lydia's TV show she went into some depth of the reasoning behind the directions with special emphasis on how to reduce the liquids in each step as she considered it crucial to the dish. The book recipe didn't touch on that emphasis at all but I agree it was well worth the emphasis and I've carried that into other meals I've made.

      I've read Mario's but never tried. I'm starting to think that most of Mario's recipes are primarily based on Marcella's approaches with some minor changes due to his specific style. Nothing wrong with that, just find it interesting.

      I've seen Tyler's and Giada's as well but didn't seem to be as good as the others noted here.

      1. jfood votes for Hazan. Always a few frozen pouches in the downstairs freezer. And make a double batch.

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          Of all the recipes listed, I've only made Mario's, many times, and I and those I make it for, love it. That said, I think I'll try some of the others as well to see what they are like.