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Jan 30, 2008 04:07 PM

Best rum for a Periodista?

I had a heck of a good time with my new bottle of Stirrings grenadine last weekend. By the way, do you prefer your Jack Rose with lemon or lime juice? I tried them both ways, and, although I'm a sucker for lemons, I think I liked the lime better with the Applejack and grenadine.

This weekend, I'm onto the Periodista. What kind of rum is best? White, gold, or dark? Any brand preferences?

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  1. White rum is called for in all versions of the Periodista that I have seen. That said, using something like Bacardi will give you a completely different drink than if you use something like Clement Premierre or Rhum JM Blanc.

    This small piece on white rums gives you a heads up on the different flavor profiles. I am not a fan of New York Mag, I think it is a rag, but this is ok.

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      Thanks, JMF. The Rhum JM, 10 Cane or Appleton all sound good to me. Almost all the recipes I've seen call for white rum, too, but I've seen a couple that call specifically for Myer's or Gosling's dark rum. Here's one from the highly-regarded bar at Boston's Eastern Standard:

      I'm a bit scared off by white liquor because I can't stand vodka, whereas I love cognac and like whiskey.

      I love the New York Mag. description of Bacardi: firewater. It's good to know not all the white stuff is so bad. I'll get two bottles and try both the Periodista Blanco and Periodista Darko.

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        I am new to rum...some questions...

        Rhum agricole, does this refer to rum made from first-press sugar cane juice rather than molasses?

        I am exploring daiquiris. I am currently using Barbancourt...I quite like its sugar cane aroma. Barbancourt is made from first press sugar cane juice. Is it in the style of rhums agricole?

        What do you mean when you say that the "earthy, musky flavors" of Clement and JM Blanc are not "authentic"? Am I likely to find them worth the higher price for use in daiquiris?


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          Agricole means rum made from fermented cane juice, called vesou in French.

          Agricole aren't authentic for the periodista, which is supposed to be made from a white 'industriel" or molasses based rum. Ditto for in a daiquiri, but they taste real good made with agricole. So who cares if authentic or not.

          Bbarbancourt is technically an agricole, but flavor wise is more similar to a industriel, this is one of the stylistic differences of the Haitian rum.

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            thanks a lot and also for the link!

        1. I am a rum aficionado and I have at home more than 50 rums from all different countries in the world.

          I will recommend you a very good rum, with a lot of flavor, and actually not even expensive: Brugal Anejo. It's a dark rum, not too strong and with aroma of wood and fruits and vanilla. Really good and so affordable that you can use it in mixes.

          Normally white rum is younger and less expensive and this is why it is used in cocktails.

          Then if you want to look for a strong aromatic white rum you can look for Damoiseau from Guadeloupe but it is very hard to find in the USA. I am right now macerating some fruits in a white Damoiseau to make a vicious Caribbean fruit punch for our anti-Valentine party in South Beach. You drink it like a very nice and sweet juice, and then you try to stand up and things go very wrong ;-)

          OK, enjoy. Best regards.

          FD @ (Condo Hotel South Beach)

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          1. re: FD_Condo_Hotel_South_Beach

            "I am a rum aficionado and I have at home more than 50 rums from all different countries in the world."

            And you recommend Brugal Anejo. Personally I have to disagree, but everyone is entitled to their opinions. I have over a hundred rums in my collection and definitely wouldn't recommend Brugal. I think it is a rough rum, harsh, astringent, and weak tasting. whose quality is in direct relation to its low cost; and kind of boring at that.

            1. re: JMF

              I have over 140 rums, and Brugal isn't anywhere near the top of my recommendation list. A bit south of mediocre in my opinion.

              1. re: Scottes

                I've read your rum pages upon occasion over the last year or two and you have tried a few that I haven't gotten my hands on yet. I've only got a little over 100 in my collection. What I call my spirits library.

                I'm going to be making my own rums later this year.I've sourced high quality molasses, and even have a source for fresh cane juice, but that may just be a limited edition since while the price isn't bad, the express shipping to get it to me before it sours is prohibitive. I look forward to seeing how they come out. I plan on a lot of experimenting with the various styles, aging different ways, etc.

                1. re: JMF

                  Have you happened upon yet?

                  I chat with a couple folks who make their own rums, and I've tried a few of the Temptryst line - a couple of which are amazing.

                  Keep me in mind when you have some rum ready to drink. :-)

                  1. re: Scottes

                    I go there a few times a week. The only problem with the home distiller boards, and there is a small handful out there, is the tons of incorrect information that gets passed around. You have to intensively mine it for the rare golden nuggets and diamonds among all the tailings, fools gold, and cubic zirconiums.

                    I also belong to professional distillers forums and while they may be less likely to share info, when they do it is based on intense professional experience, education, and science.

                    Hopefully I'll have a light rum available this summer. Then something aged down the road.

                    1. re: JMF

                      You guys with so much rum in your collections: What's your recommendation for the best rum under $35 for a mojito?

                      1. re: MichaelG

                        Close to "Authentic" ? Ron Matusalem Platino, which I've found to come closest to Havana Club Anejo Blanco. This is easily my first choice.

                        I like a Mojito rum to be a bit "raw" and have a bit of an edge to offset the sweetness. Something mellow and fruity like Cruzan Light gets lost in a Mojito. So Flor De Cana Extra Dry or maybe Brugal White Label make for good Mojitos, since they have a bit of strength.

                        10 Cane throws an interesting taste into a Mojito, but I find it far from authentic (and too expensive).

                        1. re: Scottes

                          I like some of the white rum agricole in a mojito like J.M Rhum Blanc or Clement Premierre Canne, the earthy, musky flavors go great with the lime and mint, but it isn't an authentic flavor and they are a bit more expensive than many other white or light rums.

                2. re: Scottes

                  I like mount gay gold ..what are the top of the line rums ..I dislike Cane 10 it tastes like medicine ...What do you recommend

                  1. re: big1515

                    I compared 8 gold mixing rums and landed the Mount Gay far from the top.
                    But if you like it, I'd try the Gosling's Gold and the Cockspur 5-year-old, which are similar but have more taste in my opinion. The Cockspur 12 is highly recommended for the next step up in quality.

                    As for top of the line rums, my Rum Ranking page has a list.

                    1. re: Scottes

                      thanks for info ..on Mount Gay ..I did get a bottle of MG that was not mentioned .This Mount Gay was about
                      $35 -$40 .It was a cut above the gold ..What your take 10 Cane .I think it tastes like medicine ..