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Jan 30, 2008 03:45 PM

New Honduran in Huntington Sta.

A new Honduran restaurant has opened in the place of the defunct Fonda Coyocoan. I t has both English wording of the dishes and this evening it appeared clean with only a few customers. Has anyone tried it yet?

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  1. Just went there tonight for takeout. Definitely "different" from Fonda Coyocoan, but pretty good. Nothing Tex-Mex about it. Had a pollo guisada -- very flavorful, not very "stewy" in the sense that not swimming in sauce, but over extremely tasty rice. Comes with plaintains, a kind of cabbage "slaw" that was also very good, in a sweetish, creamy dressing (but not like cole-slaw) -- never had anything like it before. Also had Pollo Frito that came covered in a type of salsa, over same cabbage slaw with plaintains and avocado. This was also quite good. I have a cold, so I can't do more with descriptions. Also had chiccharones with cassava. This was pretty standard pork chunks -- fried till too dry and chewy, but good flavor. Cassava was cassava, like eating a potato with no taste. Finally, had something called a Boleado (I know I'm spelling wrong, but too lazy to go find the takeout menu) - something like a taco, but with a thick tortilla, bits of meat, avocado, refritos, sauce, crema. It looked disgusting, was perhaps a bit salty, but really good (and $3.50). While waiting, they brought me a bowl of chips -- freshly fried.

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      1. The wife and I ate here for the first time the other night. I must say that we were very pleased with what we were served and the environment we were served in.

        The restaurant is very clean and well decorated with appropriate art from Honduras. The food we were served was freshly prepared and delicious. The chips and salsa were not bagged nor jarred and came to the table freshly fried. Like sbp, we also had the Boleado which was really good.

        The dish that we loved the most, the one that we will be coming back for, even if it's just for take out and the need to satisfy that seafood soup jones, was the Mariscado Sopa. In speaking with the owners, I was very pleased to hear that the clams in the seafood soup came fresh from a Long Island clammer.

        I've scanned their menu and posted it on my blog, links to the menu can be found here:


        1. I didn't have as much luck with this place as others have posted.

          The chips and bean dip were fine, but the beans needed more seasoning.

          The baleadas were lukewarm. As a personal preference I prefer mine a little thinner with a crisp edge. This isn't the traditonal way, but when I have really enjoyed these elsewhere it was how they were served.

          The best part of the Pollo Frito was the cabage slaw - it was a mixture of sweet, tart, salty, crunchy, soft, and chewy. The chicken was not freshly fried - it was done in advance. The leg and thigh were dry and lukewarm. I only ate a few bites.

          My wife's beef tacos were fine. The beef was braised - it to was dry, but the slaw, cheese and crema made it easier to eat. Her food was served hot.

          I really miss Fonda Coyocoan - I ate there probably 2 or 3 times a month. The quality of the food took a nose dive the last few months it was in business, but when it first opened - I had some amazing dishes there. I especially miss the tamales.