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Jan 30, 2008 03:39 PM

Looking for Restaurant Near Lanes & Games in Cambridge


I am trying to plan a birthday gathering at Lanes and Games in Cambridge. I am looking for a restaurant nearby that would be able to accommodate 10-12 people, have mid range prices, and good food! Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Sure. Scutra in Arlington & Sabur in Teele Square (Somerville).

    1. Very close by is Summer Shack for seafood (very mixed reviews here but it has its defenders) and also Gran Gusto on Sherman Street which has gotten very strong reviews for pizza and decent but mixed marks for the rest of the Italian menu. Via Route 2 to Route 60, you're also not that far from Arlington Center which has endless options.

      1. If you are doing a bowling thing (my kind of b-day celebration!), I think you are probably looking for something chill and not too fancy, like a pub? Redbones in Davis Sq is loads of raucous fun for groups. Not sure if they take reservations for large groups, so please check beforehand.

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          While you're at it - if you like bowling and Redbones, bowl at Sacco's in Davis Square and save everyone the drive.

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            I thought Sacco was turning into a community center and losing most of the lanes, no?

            1. re: gini

              That's the plan I've heard, but I don't think anything's changed yet.

        2. I really like Za for gourmet pizza and interesting salads. It's in East Arlington. Also agree with the Sabur rec - a nice cozy place for this time of year and you can share mezze if it's that type of crowd. Scutra seems a bit fancy for post-bowling, but it is tasty. Kathmandu Spice in E Arl is more exotic, but if the crowd mostly likes Indian, they would probably enjoy KS.

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            I find Za pretty average. I like their salads but they don't have any bread, which kills me. Their pizzas are just average at best imo.

          2. Thanks for the replies! Those sound like good options. Since it will be a large group of people with diverse tastes I feel that I should stick with something simple. Za is a great suggestion. Does anyone know of any basic chain restaurants in the area? I know chains are not the ideal, but might work for a large group.

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              If you're willing to go the chain route, you might as well just go to Summer Shack, which is right next door. The place has many detractors (myself included), but I'd still choose it over most (other) chains.

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                Za's pizzas are not that good though. Their salads are quite good.

                You always have Not your Average Joe if you want chain crap.

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                  Bertucci's is right there at the Alewife T station - you can just exit to the right out of Lanes 'n' Games and take the access road in toward the T station. I would actually go to Bertucci's over Summer Shack - I the food is nothing but ordinary at Summer Shack and I think it's WAY overpriced. If you want basic stuff that'll please a crowd at a chain, I'd go Bertucci's.

                  Za is nicer, though, and better - you could call ahead and talk to them about your numbers - there are some tables in the middle of the restaurant that they might be able to put together for you . . . . .