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Jan 30, 2008 03:12 PM

Tampa Sunday/Monday suggestions?

I'll be dining in Tampa on Sunday evening and Monday lunch and am looking for something fresh, somewhat trendy in the $18-25 entree range (probably not sushi since others in my party might not be big fans). Of those recommended on the boards that appealed to me, most weren't open Sunday nights or Monday lunch though which is when I'll be in town. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. Byblos is outstanding- food, service, decor. They are open for lunches, but double check. Lee Roy Selmon's is good too. Maybe TC Choys, Cheesecake Factory, Daily Eats. I can't think of too many "trendy places" that are open for lunch.

    1. China Yuan does a fine business on Sundays. Dunno if that is trendy enough. Eating fresh seafood from fish tanks is timeless.

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        We had a ginger and scallion Grouper about a month ago. WOW!

      2. For Sunday dinner you might consider Roy's. Yes, it's a chain but it's fresh and has a lively atmosphere (and is open on Sundays). I agree with China Yuan, too, though hardly trendy (but fresh!). Or maybe try CHEAP, the new place on Howard. Not sure it's open on Sundays (813-258-5878)