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The Nosh of Beverly Hills - Pastrami

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I will start off by admitting that I HAVE NOT HAD LANGERS PASTRAMI. Ok now that that is out of the way. What do you guys think of the Pastrami at The Nosh in Beverly Hills.
I like my pastrami lean and hand cut and they do both really well.

This is the best I have ever had. What do you guys think?

I actually haven't been there for some time. I am hoping the pastrami is as good as it was before. And its not on the menu but they sell the meat by weight as well. The guy made me a nice pastrami platter which was a better deal that a sandwich.



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  1. If you're in BH and want pastrami, there is no question. You should be at Nate n' Al's. The best. And, yeah...you really should go to Langer's.

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      I finally made that trip to Langers. What a waste. I think the Nosh is the best.
      Langers tasted more like corned beef than pastrami.