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Jan 30, 2008 02:54 PM

Bread Pudding Trifle

I'm hoping to make a trifle for dessert on Superbowl Sunday. I happened to catch a Paula Deen special where Katie Joel made her Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding Trifle.

While the idea of a bread pudding trifle sounded good, her use of a croissant bread pudding as the starch in the trifle, as well a packaged butterscotch pudding as the custard component of the trifle, did not. So, does anyone happen to have a similar trifle recipe that utilizes bread pudding as the starch? I'm thinking of perhaps making a chocolate bread pudding and layering it with strawberries (perhaps macerated in cointreau as that is what I typically use in my other trifles) and freshly whipped cream. But, I'm a little worried that the bread pudding will simply be too wet and will result in a gummy and unpleasant texture when combined with the other ingredients. Does anyone have any thoughts on this idea, or even have a recipe to go off of? I know that no one likely has the exact recipe I'm looking for...I'm more just trying to figure out if I should do something different with the bread pudding preparation in order to ensure it is appropriate for a trifle. Perhaps slice it into small chunks and bake it for a few minutes in order to get it crisp? I don't usually do a custard layer when making trifles, and would just assume leave one out here too as it seems like it would be a bit it would likely just contribute extra moisture which I probably won't want in this instance. Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

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  1. I'd think a bread pudding combined with more liquid ie pudding would be too mushy. If you want the chocolate-banana flavour I'd suggest a variation on my fave Kahlua Chocolate Trifle recipe:

    9x13 chocolate cake (your favourite recipe)
    whipping cream
    chocolate mousse
    crushed skor bar bits(2-3 bars) (use snickers here if you prefer)
    2 oz. Kahlua (optional)

    Poke several holes in the cake, mist on Kahlua (I use a vermouth mister) so it soaks in evenly(pouring it usually means one area of the cake is flooded while others are dry). Allow the cake to soak at least an hour or overnight.

    Cut cakes into bite sized chunks and layer with remaining ingredients... adding bananas if you want it to resemble the Paula Deen recipe.

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      Thanks for the suggestion maplesugar. I'm actually not too concerned with the recipe mirroring Paula Deen's recipe (in terms of specific flavors involved, etc)...I'm mainly just interested in whether bread pudding can serve as the base for a trifle or not. And, it sounds like you are in some agreement with my thought that it is likely too wet for that purpose. Thanks!

    2. Mmm, squishy layered with creamy and gooey...none for me, thanks!

      I think that with the Katie Joel recipe the pudding and whipped topping wouldn't bleed as much liquid as something like macerated strawberries. The bread pudding, other pudding, and white goo are probably all equally wet, but the water is bound up by starches (bread, cornstarch), so it's probably pretty stable, not soaking into the bread/cake like a real trifle.
      It does seem like the extra liquid from the fruit would have no place to go, because the bread is already soaked with milk and eggs.

      I think the 'bread pudding trifle' concept is a little weird, why not just make one or the other?

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      1. re: babette feasts

        The more I'm thinking about it, the more I agree that I should just make one or the other. Thanks for confirming my suspicions that this probably isn't the most appetizing idea!