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Jan 30, 2008 02:43 PM

Croissants & French baguette

Where can I find a great croissant and baguette. The kind of croissant that is crispy, flaky and super buttery, not that bready & tough, probably par cooked stuff. Also, a place where I can find a warm baguette right out of the oven. I am not a fan of hi-rise bakery because I think the bread is to hard and crusty. I have heard Sel de la Terre also has a bakery, but have not visited. Any suggestions???

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  1. Clear Flour in Brookline on Thorndike St. near Commonwealth Ave.

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    1. re: chuck s

      i am crazy about croissants and i love them super flaky and buttery. my fave so far is clear flour. i think canto 6 is pretty good too.

    2. Easy, best croissants in town head to Iggy's bakery on Fawcett Street near Fresh Pond. They are much fresher than the ones you will find in stores.

      For the best baguettes, I would say B&R in Framingham (also at some locals specialty stores) and as a second choice, I would say a Clear Flour baguette.

      PS: B&R is the baker who used to be with Sel de la Terre. He left and opened his own bakery about 2 years ago. Sel de la Terre's current bakery offering are nowhere as good.

      1. Clear Flour & B&R bake my preferred baguettes.

        1. I can't offer any croissant places but I agree with everyone that Clear Flour has the best bagguette in or around Boston.

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            They sell them at Savenors and the Wine and Cheese Cask too.

          2. Croissants are a tough one! If you ever have extra time on your hand, the croissant recipe in the "Baking with Julia" cookbook, is really good. I dont know of any places in Boston that have a perfect croissant, so I have tried my hand at making them. The recipe is really good with a lot of detailed explanations. Clearflour baguettes are good!