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Jan 30, 2008 02:27 PM

Good food (and beer) for a lunch meeting

Any suggestions - must be decent food (upmarket bar food would do) with some excellent craft/artisinal beers also on the menu. TIA

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    1. re: afty698

      I would say anywhere in Back Bay, Cambridge, North End or even Brookline. Thanks!

      1. re: Scotty100

        In addition to the Publick House, I would also recommend Cambridge Brewing Company in Kendall Square. They brew some tasty, inventive beers, and their food is a step above typical brewpub food.

        1. re: afty698

          The Publick House is not open for lunch.

    2. I would recommend Publick House in Brookline (Washington Square). Tasty and interesting bar-type food and an amazing selection of beer. I know Publick house has been reviewed many times on this board.

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      1. re: soxchik

        Publick House is good. Matt Murphy's would also do the job.

      2. Deep Ellum would be good, and they're open for lunch - but it's out in Allston, maybe a little too far out of your way.

        I haven't had great food at Cambridge Brewing, but I think the beer is the best locally brewed stuff.

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        1. re: nfo

          Publick House looked like a good option until LStaff pointed out the hours...bummer...I will continue to mull it over...a good IPA on draught is a must for this lunch!! Maybe there are good lunch options that are close to decent beer bars? That would work too...a quick bite then onto the pub close by...TIA

          1. re: Scotty100

            Sounds like the beer component is pretty important - I'd go to CBC. The Big Man Ale sounds like just what you're looking for - not an IPA per se, but it'll more than do the job.

            If you go, you might as well eat at CBC, but other options in the immediate area are Emma's Pizza (good thin crust) and Anise (Szechuan, personally never eaten there).

            1. re: nfo

              I had the Big Man Ale just last weekend and that is indeed a very nice beer, probably of particular interest to IPA or Pale Ale fans.

        2. While their food is fairly standard (but not horrible) pub grub, the Sunset Grill in Allston does have tons of great beers; I think over 100 on tap, and many more by the bottle.

          1. Cambridge Common (Mass Ave between Harvard and Porter Squares) has a terrific beer selection and better-than-average pub grub.

            Garden at the Cellar (just outside of Harvard Square) has delicious food and a decent beer selection because it's located on top of a bar.

            The Blue Room in Kendall, right next to CBC, always has a small, but interesting beer selection to go with their terrific food. No drafts, though-- only bottles.

            In Allston: Sunset Grill and Tap, which was already mentioned, has the best beer selection in town, but the food isn't that great IMO. Deep Ellum has a lesser, but still great, beer selection. The food is better there, but the menu is really limited.