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Jan 30, 2008 02:17 PM


My brother is going to the superbowl this weekend and I asked him to bring back some tamales.I imagine he will have to buy frozen ones for the flight home.He is staying in Sedona. Any sugestions? Thanks

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  1. actually, i did very well a few years ago in calling Sylvia's La Canasta and asking them to create a pack for the airplane for me. They actually packed fresh tamales at my request, not frozen, and chips, salsa, etc which I flew with me to Providence to serve that night. Big hit! Sylvia herself packed them, I just picked them up, and they weren't even expensive.

    Sylvia's La Canasta Mexican Rstaurants
    5504 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013

    1. Thank you , thisis an encouraging start. What did you get and how did they pack it to get back to RI?

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        i picked it up the night before, stuck it in the fridge, and then just flew with it, it was packed in boxes.... that's it. I carried the box with the chips on board, and the tamales and salsa got checked. flights only about 6 hours, so no problem.

        as it happens, since i fly coast to coast i will often bring food back and forth, you're allowed up to 5 lbs of dry ice, and you simply buy a styrofoam insulated box. few things will thaw in 24 hours with that much dry ice. (use less if your items are not frozen...)

      2. Up there in Sedona, Jeff Smedstead, the chef at Cafe Elote, was well-known for the quality of his tamales when he was here at Los Sombreros. Your brother could maybe call in an order to be frozen and packed.

        Here in the valley, not too far from the airport, is Phoenix Ranch Market -- I love all of their tamales except for the seafood/veggie one, it tends to get watery. There are tamale stands inside the mercado, and he could also buy a little styrofoam cooler and some ice and an aguas frescas for the road. Have him practice his pidgeon Spanish before he goes. 'Una docena, por favor, mixte.'

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          Thanks. I really like the idea of the Phoenix Ranch Mkt. He can stop on his way to the airport.

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            probably the easiest (and cheapest) route. be forewarned... coolers get stolen frequently if you check them(the worst of course being, "caution, live lobsters inside"), and of course, with ice, you can't carry onboard. Its why smart travelers bringing stuff back and forth do the cooler in a box.

        2. Maybe not as convenient to get to but Guadalupe Farmer's Market almost always has homemade frozen tamales on hand -- beef and pork most often. I think they're still $16 a dozen.

          Guadalupe Farmer's Market
          9210 S Avenida, Del Yaqui Guadalupe, AZ

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            Does the Ranch Mkt sell frozen tamales, or should I just tell him to go somewhere else , like the Guadalupe Farmers Mkt?