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Plastic Sushi Replicas

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Hello All,

I am in New York and I am looking for sushi replicas like those seen in the windows of certain Japanese restaurants. I bought a bunch about 10 years ago and can't remember where I got them. Perhaps someone knows of the place or any other place. So does anyone know of places I can get these, perhaps around $10 a piece, in New York?

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  1. Try Ebay. I just did, and found about 17 items. Better act fast, though, because I'm tempted to buy one of those fake California rolls for my sushi-addicted 9-year-old!

    1. Google to the rescue:


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        Haha! Thanks Servorg. That is the place and Google helped me find it about an hour prior to your post. Thanks so much for your response nonetheless because I was on the verge of giving up searching.

      2. Just out of curiousity: What does one use sushi replicas for?

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        1. re: hangrygirl

          Set up a permanent display of available sushi types
          Use in photos to explain/show sushi types
          Magazine articles
          Food blogs

          Using the fake sushi is much cheaper than making up each type for these purposes.

          Also some people are collectors

          1. re: hannaone

            I'm a collector! I have sushi lollipops, candles, glass beads, pens, oven timers, racecars, magnets, keychains, etc!

        2. Well, if you can't find the plastic ones, you could always try the famous Twinkie Sushi!

          1. http://barnardltd.com/catalog.jsp?cat...