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Jan 30, 2008 02:04 PM

Freezing arancini - Sicilian rice balls

Dear chowhounds

I am preparing for a Sicilian based party for 60 or so folks and would like to make as much food ahead of time. Has anyone had luck with making arancini and freezing them uncooked? I came across one recipe online that said it was okay, but I'd like some reassurance from someone who has done this with good results. That recipe also used heavy cream in their rice balls - which is slightly unorthodox.

Also some recipes call for rolling the balls in flour and then bread crumbs, while most say flour, beaten eggs and then bread crumbs. Any suggestions?

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  1. I have refrigerated them up to one day in advance before frying. If you can help it, I would not freeze it. I find the flour makes them pasty with water content of freeze and thaw. For a Christmas party, I made golf ball sized ones, 2 per person. They worked out great.
    I have never used heavy cream; in fact, for what? Flour, eggs then bread crumbs. There is nothing for the bread crumbs to stick to if you do flour and bread crumbs only.

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      thanks for the help - even doing them a day ahead will help.
      the recipe used heavy cream in the rice and mixed the filling throughout as well - more like a rice croquette than a true rice ball. i will use flour, egg and bread crumbs as well.
      thanks again!