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Best Pancakes and Real Eggs Benedict

with real made Hollandaise sauce? and of course real maple syrup. Fairfield County Or Westchester County please.

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  1. Wow....that's a good one! Is anyone brave enough to make REAL Hollandaise?

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    1. re: winston1

      I believe if you are a true chef you can and will make any sauces especially hollandaise.

    2. you might get it at some of the more traditional New England establishments, like the Three Bears, Cobbs Mill (most probably) or the Spinning Wheel.

      1. I know, isn't is ludicrous that one would even have to specify 'real' maple syrup. How can people even eat that fake sugar nonsense sold in the stores. It's so disgusting and unhealthy for you.

        1. I can't say their Eggs Benedict is "real" (I've never had it), but I know that Margot's brunch menu includes Eggs Benedict and also some darn delicious Pancakes...

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          1. re: Zobot

            Perhaps, if I have to ask it's nowhere near me but for the heck of it, where is Margot's?

            1. re: laylag

              Margot's is a fairly new restaurant in the strip mall at Bull's Head in Stamford. It is directly across the street from Lord & Taylor.

          2. well, no hollandaise, and not real maple syrup, but lakeside diner in Stamford has awesome pancakes. and good waffles. for cheap.

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            1. re: adamclyde

              That's the key word....Cheap! Ergo, fake maple syrup and powdered Hollandaise mix.......

            2. City Limits in White Plains might be a good bet for real syrup and real hollandaise, but I wouldn't swear to it.

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              1. re: Boswell

                it's the real deal at City Limits - I used to be their buyer - the only things they don't make there are their own french fries and their own pasta - they used to but they are just to busy to keep up - they smoke their own salmon and make their own ice cream - they use real Tahitian vanilla beans in their vanilla ice cream and they call themselves a diner - who are they trying to kid

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                  mspen4303: I agree with you about the real deal, where else is the real deal? Salmon I have had better.

                2. re: Boswell

                  city limits in stamford is pretty good, too. sometimes i go there for a selfish (solo) early-morning breakfast.

                3. Lakeside Diner in Stamford (Long Ridge Road) has some killer pancakes.

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                  1. re: A avenue

                    Not sure if lakeside has real maple syrup though. pancakes are great. call and ask and jfood is sure they would not mind if you brought the real deal.

                    1. re: jfood

                      you are correct, they don't have real maple there. I've asked for it. But, I could eat those pancakes with nothing on them. They are the best in town, with no comparisons...

                      never thought of bringing my own maple syrup. But if I did that, I'm not sure I could handle it... that would make something just too good. I think I'd go into gastronomic convulsions or something.

                      1. re: adamclyde

                        You can get some Stamford-made maple syrup this Sunday over at the Stamford Museum/Nature Center - then bring it to Lakeside to enjoy.