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First Date -- Wine Bar/Good Food -- Need help

Hungry Mike is reaching out to Boston for help. A friend has the dreaded first date and actually wants to make a good impression. Any neighborhood in the city, just wants a chill wine bar...nothing too fancy. Any ideas are welcome and thanks for your help!

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  1. Bin 26 would be perfect I think. Charles St. Beacon Hill.
    It would create a good impression, without being over the top for a first date. I think they take reservations too.

    1. Les Zygomates comes to mind for the low key aspect. They also have a great French wine selection.

      Les Zygomates Wine Bar & Bistro
      129 South St, Boston, MA 02111

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          I had dinner there with a client a few weeks ago and actually had a good meal. Started with grilled, marinated sardines and for my main had a salmon special. All was perfectly cooked and really delicious. I do not remember what my DC had but she really definitely enjoyed it. So I would not nearly say that the "food is crap." Best of boston, of course not, but one could absolutely do much, much worse. That said, I personally wouldn't recommend it for a first date only b/c it doesn't have a cozy romantic feel. Great for a client dinner though!

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            Agreed crap is a little harsh. It's just not a good buy for the price. You can do a lot better spending that kind of money.

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              i disagree. i think it could be a nice place for a first date. Especially the jazz side. you don't want something too romantic for the first date. the bar with jazz is a lively scence with a great wine choice. Food is decent, i agree that it's not great.

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                ohhhh...I don't know about the jazz side for a first date. We really enjoyed the music, but it was SO loud there was no way we could hold a conversation. Fine for old couples like us, but I would not have been happy on a first date getting to know someone.

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              Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I have had a few good meals there as of late. I have also seen some of the negative comments on here but it seems like the positive ones outweigh them.

          2. i think gargoyles in davis sq is nice as well and has a nice wine selection

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            1. How about the foundation lounge on a slow night.

              1. A great place for a first date would be Bricco on Hanover st. They have an outstanding wine bar and the food is awsome--You can even go there late
                they have a late grilled pizza menu--Great wines!!

                Enjoy Bricco!!
                Frankie Imbergamo

                1. I've used the lounge area of Rialto (Charles Hotel, Cambridge) for just such purposes. The resto itself is both fancy and expensive, but in the lounge area they have tables and banquets where you can enjoy a few glasses of wine and an excellent bar menu (or for that matter order off the full menu). It's elegant and relaxed, not stuffy. The acoustics are good too -- ideal for a talking date if that's what your friend wants. BB

                  1. How about Butcher Shop?

                    Pro: wines by the glass, small plates, casual, warm. (I love it as a date spot.)
                    Con: no reservations.

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                      Buthcher Shop would be a great place. Cozy; nice bar; good cheese selection and small plates.

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                        I think the bar at Neptune would fill the bill. Oysters and Prosecco would be a great first date.