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Sep 27, 2001 09:27 AM

Cecil's Barbque in WLA

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Called in a take out order to Cecil's last night. The restaurant is located on Pico, just a block west of Bundy on the south side of the street. It has its own little parking lot, which makes it an easy in and out. First of all, what a cute little place this is. Two or three little red booths and a few tables. Tried the hot link sandwich. Very disappointing. Way dry and not spicy enough for me. Got a half slab of the beef ribs. Not at all bad. Could have been a little more tender, falling off the bone, but a very meaty, smoky taste. Sauce is also a little on the tame side for me, but fine for what it is. By far the best thing was the side of beans. Really terrific. Cornbread was a bit on the dry side. Since I hear the burger is good I will try that the next time. Also want to try the babyback ribs. I know that this was somewhat covered in the barbque blind taste test, but wanted to talk about this place with a little more specificity.

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  1. Well now - I was similarly inspired after reading the Test results (and the Talpa / Bombay area that we have discussed). A take out order of the baby back ribs and St. Louis ribs with beans, slaw and corn bread was a happy event for us - calling me back to my years in the South. Had no idea there was bbq this good on the Westside (other than firing up the backyard grill). Looking forward to trying some of the other high scoring places. Harvey's Guss Meats lists St. Louis ribs as one of the cuts he sells - never seen it before. Little more meat on the bone.