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Jan 30, 2008 12:43 PM

Mama's Delight, Port Washington

A sincere thank you to all chowhounders who suggested Mama's Delight. I just returned from lunch--my second time there. The food is delicious. The flavors are subtle but full of taste. The coconut basil combinations are my favorite so far, but there is much more to try. I need to find more clients in Port W so I have an excuse to go!

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  1. what type of restaurant is this? What have you eaten?

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    1. re: jmax

      It's Korean fusion. Mama cooks in the back and Joe serves. It's a little hole in the wall. So far I've had: Seafood Pancake, Coconut Basil Dumpling, Coconut Basil Soup, and Curry Noodles with Chicken. What I haven't tried is their extensive tofu menu, which they pride themselves in. They are not vegetarian though.
      Go try it.

      1. re: abu applesauce

        Hey Abu,

        I work in Roslyn hts, do u think i can make it up there, grab lunch and make it back all in 1 hour? if the service and cooking is quick then it may be possible. please let me know, it sounds good.

        1. re: jpf1980

          Actually it's on the slower side. But they are open unitl 9 if you wanted to grab dinner after work

        2. re: abu applesauce

          Abu, try the tofu vegetable harmony... the sauce is out of this world!

          1. re: monalisawoman

            Thanks--I hope to try many things--I read somewhere that bbq eel is great too.
            Also, to clarify, I wrote, "They are not vegetarian though." I meant they are not STRICTLY vegetarian--the tofu veggie dishes are of course vegetarian.

      2. If you get a chance, try some of the tofu dishes. That's the main thing I've had there, and they are really good.

        1. Just got back from a late lunch at Mama' will become one of our favorite restaurants. I had the tofu vegetable harmony rice noodles, and SO had the spicy broiled tofu. The vegetable harmony had a nice combination of fresh vegetbles and chunks of tofu in a delicious sauce, over thin rice noodles, accompanied by a small salad of slivered cucmbers with a sesame oil-flavored sauce. The broiled tofu was several slices of tofu, covered with "spicy sauce" which wasn't really spicy, but definitely full-flavored. The menu says this comes with seasoned cubed potatoes, which was cubes of sweet potatoes stewed with peas--very nice, and also a small salad on the plate. We asked for barley tea.

          Joe described to us the change-over from the original Greek diner on the site to the present restaurant. He takes great pride in his place, and in his wife's cooking, and is charming and eager to please. Definitely a place to return to again and again.

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          1. re: Missyme

            I'm so happy to read that other people love this place as much as i do.... it's such a unique neighborhood place, but it doesn't ever look crowded, so i pray it survives!!!

            1. re: monalisawoman

              I was there on Monday--had tofu bbq with veggies--delicious--mama's bbq sauce is so tasty. I try to make any excuse I can to go to PW these days!

          2. Count us in when it comes to Mama's Korean in Port. We went with another couple on Thurs last for lunch and really had a good time. We ordered:
            Curried veggie dumplings- really good
            Tofu/mushroom pancake- the size of a small pizza- really Great! our favorite
            BBQ chicken -really sauteed chicken meat with BBQ sauce- really good
            BBQ Tofu lunch platter with veggies good
            Tofu Harmony w/ veggies on iron hot plate - again very nice
            Rice noodles with veggie lunch plate - ditto

            All in all, a really nice lunch; healthy , lite, not hard on the wallet and a charming Korean host/owner.
            Go if you can...L.I. needs this place so lets support it!

            1. I went last week - Had the following

              Spicy vegetable dumplings
              Coconut basil soup
              Seafood pancake
              Dolsot Bibimbop
              Honey plum tea - Ginsing tea

              Very good meal - Liked the rice bowl the best - didn't like the ginsing tea