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Jan 30, 2008 12:27 PM

Chowish Wedding Gift Ideas?

So my girlfriends brother is getting married in Toronto over the summer and i would like to get him and his bride-to-be a chow-worthy wedding gift as they appreciate tastiness as much as anybody.

Some searching through this board has yielded a variety of information about cooking classes and instruction offered in the area, and many of these seem to be well reviewed and only slightly out of my budget (grad student life doesnt pay the big bucks like they promised). Does anyone have any recent experience or rec's w/ regard to classes that are both fun and affordable (and perhaps romantic or otherwise appropriate as a wedding gift?)

Any other non-cooking class ideas (probably not just a gift certificate to a nice restaurant as i feel thats a bit too impersonal) ? There aren't too many constraints, im open to any suggestion of a nice experience based gift (or material ones too) in the range of about 200 dollars. Is there a cool food-oriented romantic experience that can be had in tornoto for that kind of money? Ideally one i could arrange from afar (california) that comes highly recommended.

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  1. How about a romantic evening in for them? Hire a personal chef to come to their place and make a nice dinner for them. Since you aren't local, I'm sure you could ask the chef to buy a nice bottle of wine (within your budget) and bring it with him/her.

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      Could i do that within my budget? Is there someone who would do this in gift-certificate form? Any recommendations on who to use or where to look?

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        check out dish cooking studio. They have some great classes.

      2. I got my very chowish friend a sausage making class at the Healthy Butcher for Xmas, thanks to a chowhound rec. They are going Feb 13th so I'll report back how they liked it. $50 a head

        On the other end of the food spectrum is the chocolate making classes at JS Bonbons.

        The Healthy Butcher
        565 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

        JS Bonbons
        163 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M5R, CA

        1. My boyfriend and I took Sasi Thai's cooking class for our anniversary. While I wouldn't say it was the most romantic experience forever and ever amen, it was a lot of fun. Plus, he makes Pad Thai all the time now, which is great for me!

          The owner Allan is this friendly, nutty, mile-a-minute guy, and his son Brandon who was our primary "teacher" was really nice and earnest. Went on a weekday night, so it was just the 2 of us, which was nice. You get to cook in their kitchen, and bring the food home. If you pay an extra ~$20/person, you get a lovely Thai meal afterwards. I think it came to about $180 (+tip) for the both of us? You can buy their house stirfry sauce to take home for apx $5 a jar, very tasty and great value.

          Another idea would be a wine- or food-of-the month type club. Sadly, we have no where near the variety that you Americans do. Very little choice, actually... I've only been able to find a couple:

          Wine & Cheese:

          Village Cheese:

          List of food clubs that will ship to Canada:

          Some American sites will ship to Canada, but at outrageous cost.

          Sasi Thai
          323 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M5B2C2, CA

          1. Toronto Island Airport has sundown skyline of TO helicopter rides X20 min that include chocolates, drink and just you and your honey. Very special and we went 2 autumns ago for $150.00.

            1. If the couple likes to get their hands messy in the kitchen, there are some places that will ship live lobsters from Maine or the East Coast. Some of them come with accessories (shell crackers, etc.). I'm afraid I can't offer reviews (never tried), but they're priced so that you can probably also spring for a nice bottle of wine or bubbly along with the meal: