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Oyster Po' Boy

Steve Sep 26, 2001 07:26 PM

Because my wife convinced me it's healthy and for my own good, I've been fasting for the past three days. Now I'm dreaming about oyster po' boys. Since I can't get to New Orleans for awhile, can anyone suggest a place in the LA area?

  1. k
    Kev Sep 26, 2001 08:23 PM

    From a person who dosen't have a Cajun/Creole/Acadian heritage, I had a really great oyster po' boy from A Taste of New Orleans Seafood. It's a tiny shop dwarfed by the nearby liquor store and tucked in Altadena. The rest of the menu looked very tempting too, but I had to satify my own oyster po' boy craving. I think they featured sand dabs at the time.

    A Taste of New Orleans Seafood
    2545 N. Fair Oaks Ave.
    Altadena, CA.
    (818) 791-6879

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    1. re: Kev
      TE Sep 26, 2001 09:22 PM

      Cajun stand in the Farmers Market food court; 3rd and Fairfax, West Hollywood. Daytime only. Beignets and French coffee...yum, yum. Muffalatta, gumbo, jambalaya, all that.

      1. re: TE
        Richard Foss Sep 26, 2001 09:38 PM

        That would be The Gumbo Pot, which is quite decent for N'Awlins chow...

        I noticed a Cajun place on Lincoln near Washington called Papa's Kitchen (I think). Anybody been there?

        1. re: Richard Foss
          Norm Sep 27, 2001 02:40 AM

          The Cajun place at Lincoln Ave. and Washington Blvd is called Uncle Darrow's Cajun Eatery (310) 306-4862. This is their second restaurant. The original one is on Venice Blvd.

          I have not tried their Oyster Po'Boy but I did try their Jambalaya. The Jambalaya was pretty good but a couple of notches below the one at Harold and Belle's.

          1. re: Norm
            More of Everything Sep 27, 2001 12:22 PM

            At Uncle Darrow's, they do gumbo on Fri-Sun, which is pretty good, better than the Gumbo Pot inside Farmer's. They use a lot of soft shell crab inside which really adds to the flavor. Not sure if they do an oyster po-boy.

            As an aside, I had a oyster sandwich on the Campanille table at the American Wine & Food Festival last wkend on the Universal lot, and it was delicious. Don't know if it's a regular item on their menu, but if it is, I may need to make a visit sometime soon.

            1. re: Norm
              Davy Sep 27, 2001 06:41 PM

              Where is Harold and Belle's?
              Is it good??

              1. re: Davy
                Norm Sep 29, 2001 02:48 AM

                Harold & Belle's is located at 2920 W. Jefferson Blvd. (Between Arlington Ave. and Crenshaw Blvd.) (323)735-9023. Harold & Belle's is probably the best Cajun/Creole restaurant in LA.

      2. c
        Chinaski Oct 3, 2001 01:44 AM

        The Gumbo Pot in Farmer's Market on 3rd Street has a really good oyster po' boy. Actually everything there has been really good.

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