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Jan 30, 2008 12:20 PM

Dinner ideas for last-day-of-the-month...

I'm in an accounting field, and the last day of the month is busy and LONG - and we've invited our two sons and daughter-in-law to dinner tomorrow night! Any ideas for somthing either slow-cooker type or quick to put together? I've got loads of good, lean ground beef,
some good italian sausage, or can make a quick grocery run tonight.
Thanks for your help - my brain is tired!

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  1. Sausage & peppers in the slow cooker.

    1. What about a pasta e fagioli in the crockpot w/ some crusty bread? I don't follow a recipe (but not at all authentic) where I cook up meat (can use sausage, too, and/or bacon), remove, saute chopped vegetables, deglaze w/ wine, add broth, tomatoes and beans (dried, rehydrated or canned). Pour all into crockpot, add pasta. Cook on low. Something along these lines only in the crockpot instead of on the stove.

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        Good idea! I have ing. for beer bread, too. And Eva Marie Saint's apple pie from Bon Appetit. Sounds homey and good.

      2. Make deconstructed lasagna: basically, the sauce and fillings tossed with the cooked noodles, no layering or baking. Serve with a salad, good bread and olives (either as is or in a tapenade - storebought is fine).

        For dessert, fruit and chocolate. Or, if you want to fuss a little, whip some mascarpone with honey and orange zest/juice.

        1. Did you decide on something? If not, one thing that is really easy (hardest part is finding the time on your way home) is to pick up some fresh wild salmon and grill it for dinner. Can then just steam some green beans (they sell those all cut up/cleaned/ready in the veggie section) and some fresh raviolis from the refrigerated section. While you are at the store, pick up some cute/pretty dessert and you are all done.