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Jan 30, 2008 11:49 AM

Ethos or Aliada in Astoria

Comparible? Which ones is better?

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  1. ethos was very overpriced last time i went, but it was before they changed the name to ethos. the portions were not very large, especially compared to the price.

    i would say for cypriot, forget aliada and go to Zenon. its one of my fav grks places in astoria, always fresh, and this year they are celebrating their 20th yr anniversary.

    1. i really like aliada, its very cozy and the food is great. i have not been to the new ethos that opened on broadway, but the one in manhattan is pretty good. if this location is like the first, then its a good choice for seafood. aliada on the other hand has great souvlaki and salads.

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        Thanks guys! I did end up going to Aliada last week and it was wonderful. Very simple, good Greek food. I will definitely be returning next time I go for Greek in Astoria. I live in the neighborhood and have yet to find a no-fail, no-frill place --- but this is it!

        I want to try Ethos too, but they are closed for renovations for the next few months.

        Thanks again...