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Any restaurants opened 24 hours in GTA

I will be flying into YYZ and picking up a car rental soon(within the next 3 weeks), my flight gets in at around 10pm - so by the time I am finally out and in my car - it might be close to 11pm - now in all my searching on this site and the web - I find a lot of restaurants close by 8pm (Centre Street Deli) and even as late as 10pm. I travel a lot and find it hard to believe that such a metropolitan city like Toronto does not have 24 hour eateries.

New York has tonnes - and a lot of cities in Asia too (Hong Kong) - I just want to get an idea from Toronto natives if there are any good 24 hours eateries - preferably Chinese, Thai or other ethnic cuisines, even Diner's will do - basically anything - let me know what is good in your fair city.

I am willing to travel anyway with the car, Downtown, Mississauga, Markham, Scarborough, and any places close to those locales as well.

If you can provide an address - it would be great - Thanks for your inputs.

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  1. Almost all restaurants on Spadina are open into the early morning hours, as well as a few Greek eateries on Danforth, and I'd suspect a few places in the Annex (catering to inebriated students) What night are you flying in? If it's a Saturday, you'll be in luck.

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      I have actually been to the Spadina strip at around midnight on a weekday in the past and had been to a little thai joint (it was the only place open after driving around a bit) forget the name of it since the food was not that great - if I remember correctly it was opposite the street from Rol-San (the dim-sum joint).

      Most likely flying in during the week - which is why I can never seem to find anything open - I sure hope things are different during the weekend. Thanks

    2. Where are you going to be based? Downtown or further out?

      If downtown, then Beerbistro is open late. Good food, great beer list, nice atmosphere.


      Also in the city, 7 West is open 24 hours. It's a cozy spot with ok food (it won't blow you away, but you won't run screaming back to your hotel :) ).


      Swatow in Chinatown is open late. There may be others in Chinatown that other 'hounds can name.

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        Will be based a couple nights downtown and then a couple nights in Markham - nature of my business - can only really get to dinner quite late.

        1. Thai Bangkok, 412 Spadina, I've never been day or night but have been tempted based on their hours before... TO isn't know for Thai food but if you do go, lemme know how it is...

          Operating Hours
          11:30am - 10:00pm
          11:30am - 3:00am
          11:30am - 3:00am
          11:30am - 3:00am
          11:30am - 5:00am
          11:30am - 5:00am
          11:30am - 10:00pm

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            I think Thai Bangkok don't do the late hours anymore. In any case, the food is very mediocre even during the normal evening hours. They used to be very good 5-7 years ago.

          2. In Etobicoke (albeit not the best, most gourmet or quality food...), the Grille and Sizzling Jaks are both open 24hrs, located on the Queensway and East Mall (roughly)...both have breakfast foods/meals but also some selection of lunch/dinner meals like sandwiches, meat and potatoes, etc.

            1. In the Annex, New Generation sushi on Bloor just east of Bathurst is open pretty late on weekend nights... until 2am I think.

              Mel's is open all night; they do breakfast-y foods and montreal smoked meat (though I can't vouch much for quality, I have only been there twice, and both times it was after a big night out)

              In Chinatown, Swatow and New Ho King are both open late. I'd definitely choose Swatow over New Ho. Both very casual places. (Well, all of the ones I've listed are, but these 2 especially)

              Fran's is open all night too, but the food isn't great.

              20 College, Toronto, ON M5G1K2, CA

              New Generation
              493 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1Y2, CA

              Mel's Montreal Delicatessen
              440 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1X5, CA

              309 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2E6, CA

              New Ho King
              416 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2G7, CA

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                Can't tell you about the meat at Mel's, but having been there sober quite a few times, I can vouch for their eggs and potatoes, as well as their bagels (brought in from Mtl).

                New Ho King is much better than it appears, especially when it comes to vegetables. The greens are tender-crisp and the eggplant almost falls apart when you touch it.

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                  The smoked meat at Mel's is noxious. It is revolting. It doesn't even have the texture of real meat. Am I being too subtle?

                  I also think that the atmosphere of that place requires one to be quite drunk:-)


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                  Fran's has bad food but New Ho King is good food?

                3. Thanks all for the suggestions - I am really quite surprised at the dearth of 24 hour eateries in Toronto (even after checking out the links below) - but I will give some of the suggestions below a go. Will definitely try Swatow / New Ho King and Mel's.

                  But if you have more suggestions please keep them coming in. Still not heading to YYZ for a while - but just keeping names of restaurants and address handy - hoping to try 1 place a day.

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                    Owl of Minerva (Korean food) on Yonge between Finch and Sheppard is 24 hours.

                    Zorba's on Danforth east of Pape is open until at least 4 am on the weekends, and well after midnight on weeknights. Messini and Alexandros Gyros are also open until at least 3 am on the weekends.

                    Commiso Bros. has veal sandwiches 24 hours.

                    Here's a list from Now Magazine: http://www.nowtoronto.com/minisites/2...

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                      commiso bros is an interesting venue with some decent eats though nothing particularly spectacular. be warned that it is not an eat-in type of venue but you might get some entertainment from the so-called mob connections.

                      for late-night... i'd throw a suggestion of king's noodles over new ho king any day. new ho king is just plain awful chinese though much easier and somehow desirable when not sober. in general the spadina stretch is open fairly late to accommodate the late night club crowd pouring out from richmond st during the weekends.

                      my personal opinion is that 7 west is just plain awful. maybe the atmosphere could be to your liking for a late night hangout but the food is just pitiful.

                      i've always meant to go to the 24hr pho pasteur a touch west on dundas by spadina because the idea of late night pho after some drinking is actually fairly appealing... but it just doesn't occur to me when it's that late these days.

                      beer bistro is probably a good bet, they'll usually serve you still up to 11 and i think 1am for the desserts.

                      i'm horribly disappointed in our lack of late night dining as well... sometimes even just looking for a place to park to nibble on something while having coffee or just a single drink at 11pm is near impossible.

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                      As above, please don't go to Mel's. Even Fran's has better food.

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                        I find New Ho King kind of a gross - just the greasy slightly shady kind of Chinese food that prompts questions like ("Is this the meat I ordered?") I don't find it unsafe, just unappetising.

                        7 West is great though, a decent hangout anytime of day/night.

                      2. For a classic (eat at the counter) diner food Vesta Lunch (bathurst and Dupont can't be beat)

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                          7 West at Yonge and Charles is open 24/7. The food is great but the people watching at 4 am is even better.


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                            People actually recommend Vesta Lunch on a foodie forum?! I received highlighner fish sticks when ordering "fish and chips"... disgusting!

                          2. Fran's Restaurant is open 24 hours and is well-known for its breakfast menu and many selections of appetizers and entrees. This is certainly the place to be for its hearty homestyle cooking which attracts a myriad of very interesting people.


                            There are 2 locations in the heart of Toronto and 1 that opened up in Barrie, ON.

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                              Seriously? I mean really?

                              Is that your opnion of Fran's? That place is one of the worst places in the city. It can't even get simple diner food right.

                              Toronto has a serious lack of late night eating.

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                                That's too harsh...the Fran's near the Eaton Centre is decent...not great, but not terrible either.

                                1. re: T Long

                                  My meals there have always been really underwhelming. Your safest bet there is to stick with basic eggs and toast. I certainly wouldn't call the food "hearty homestyle cooking"!

                                  1. re: TorontoJo

                                    Hearty Homestyle! Fran's? Not even close.

                            2. Everyone forgot about Congee Wong! All around good chinese good, congee/noddles/rice. Finch and Leslie location is open til 1am on weekdays. Congee Queen at Lawrence and Don Mills (west of Don Mills) is open til midnight.

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                                I don't think anyone forgot about it if the hours you posted are accurate. This thread is about 24 hour eateries.

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                                  golden griddle...one at yonge and carleton, one downtown at adalaide and...john maybe?

                              2. As a student who studied around the clock I relied on Tim Horton and Dominion grocery store (which are now called Metro) to feed myself. I know they are not really restaurant but if you need something to eat at odd hours you can't be too picky.

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                                  Thanks goodness there are 24-hour Sobey's now, too!

                                  1. re: canadianbeaver

                                    Yeah, i second 24hr dominion. At least you know the food you get is nice and safe. New Ho King is just like many other Chinese restaurant in chinatown, i mean if anyone's even willing to order from there, they should know what to expect. So is Fran's, though i find their classic breakfast not very horrible.

                                2. It's shocking but theres hardly ANY good 24/7 spots in the entire GTA..

                                  Zet's I guess.

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                                    Tremendous! in Mississauga for a filthy, greasy experience.. pretty sure they dont close either

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                                      The OP's request is nearly two years old, however others may be looking for 24 hour restaurants, and since this thread was recently revived, why not....

                                      Perfect Chinese is open 24 hours, and I believe dim sum can be had at any time (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). They have been really busy every time I've been, and they tend to rush you out once you're done. But for a single diner, that shouldn't be much of a problem. (Sheppard, West of Brimley, down the side of a little plaza).

                                      Markham Station at Markham and Sheppard (South-West corner) is open 24 hours. It's fairly ordinary and the service can sometimes be very neglectful when they're not busy, but there aren't many 24-hour options in that area. One could do worse.

                                  2. Don't know if it's any good, but Reggies Old Fashioned Sandwiches is open 24/7.

                                    So are:
                                    The Lakeview http://thelakeviewrestaurant.ca/
                                    Golden Wheat Bakery & Pastry - 652 College Street
                                    Mars Food (24 hours on the weekend)

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                                      Just wanted to mention that my friend learned the hard way that Reggie's is NOT in fact open 24/7 at the moment. They have revised "winter hours" -- best to call ahead to make sure they are open before racing down the freeway halfway across town in record time, pay for parking and salivate over a Monte Cristo...only to find a locked door.

                                      1. re: pinkprimp

                                        I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for the correction; I would hate to send someone on a 4am wild goose chase..

                                    2. If anyone has any Brampton, Mississauga, or west Etobicoke suggestions, I'm all ears.

                                      In Mississauga there is Willy's, a greasy spoon burger joint that I personlly never go to.. Pretty sure they're 24/7. There is also The Fire Pit at Hurontario & Brittannia, on Fridays & Saturdays they are open till 5AM

                                      and in Brampton there is Sonny's at Queen & Kennedy; it's not 24/7 but they don't close till 4AM I believe

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                                        Tremendous Chinese Restaurant on Wolfedale, just S. of Burnhamthorpe, is usually open till 4am. OK food but arguably better for people watching in the wee small hours. Surreal, fun, and affordable--who could ask for more?

                                        1. re: Kagemusha

                                          Yeah I mentioned Tremendous above, but it's pretty nasty. Only time I punish my stomach with that stuff is when I've had a few too many :)

                                      2. T-Bones on Eglinton in Scarborough 24 hr eats..steaks , burgers, sandwhiches,

                                        1. supposedly the new Burrito Boyz in Brampton will be open until 2AM on Thursdays and 4AM on Friday-Saturday.. if you like that sort of thing

                                          1. The new Thompson hotel (scheduled to open in the next month or so) will have a 24-hour diner.

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                                              LOL! I'm sure it will be an amazing "diner".