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Jan 30, 2008 11:33 AM

Seating (and breakfast?) at Ron's Ice Cream, Hyde Park?

I've never been for the ice cream even (shame on me, I've been in JP 4 years now), but I drove by early this morning and saw a bunch of people standing around inside drinking coffee. The website says they're open at 730 am. Do they have coffee and breakfast stuff?


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  1. I wasn't aware that they have breakfast. I was just in there 2 weeks ago and didn't notice anything different on the menu posted on the wall...which is primarily ice cream. I might have missed it, but I usually work in the area and probably would have heard if they were doing breakfast. You've got to try it! National Geographic came out with a book just before Christmas titled something like The Ten Best of Everything in the World. Ron's made the cut. He made the top 10 for ice cream. Can you imagine? During the Spring through Fall seasons, he opens another shop in Dedham Sq, but for some reason, I always preferred the Hyde Park location. When Hillary Clinton was campaigning for her hubby in the 90s, she came to HP and got addicted to it. I heard the Clintons use to have it shipped to the White House. It's that good!!!!

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      Will second the ice cream at Ron's -- very rich and full flavored. Don't know what else they serve.

    2. They do not have breakfast, but they do have muffins and bagels (look like they might be from BJs). They also have hot dogs. For the birthday parties they do the square sheet pizza (like school pizza) - the little kids seem to love it though. There is a lot of league bowling, and I think the seniors get the early morning time. The ice cream is awesome, by the way. Ron's wife makes custom ice cream cakes that are amazing.

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        Anyone know if Ron's makes their own hot fudge? The only places I know of that do that are Toscanini's, Herrell's and JP Licks, but I'm always on the lookout for more.