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Jan 30, 2008 11:30 AM

What are some of the best foods to freeze?

I'm going to visit my brother, sister n law and adorable 13 month nephew next weekend. Besides taking care of the little guy they both work, oh and he just started walking so he is an extra handfull now.

During my visit I would like to make some meals for them to freeze so they don't have to order in so much or stir up pasta late at night for themselves. What food/dishes freeze best? Any recipes?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. If they like pasta, cook it until just al dente, then freeze. It defrosts on its own rather nicely, or you can reheat in the microwave, or put in a pan with a tbs of water and other additions. It's pretty forgiving. I do this a lot for lunches I take to work.

    1. What a nice sister!

      My husband and I both work crazy hours, so I frequently cook on the weekends and freeze/refrigerate most of it.

      Some of my favority freezer items are:
      - Veggie lasagne
      - Quiche
      - Hearty soup- ie: black bean, lentil, chili, homemade tomato, chicken/rice, butternut
      - Homemade dinner rolls frozen in a ziplock baggie
      - Fresh stock to use as soup base, etc
      - Frozen burritos- beans, rice, tomatoes, chilies, spices, salsa, cheese, mixed and wrapped in tortillas, ind'lly wrapped in wax paper and stuffed all together in a big Ziplock
      - Real marinara or other sauces to dump over pasta. Pesto freezes nicely.

      Good luck! I'm sure they'll appreciate it!