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Jan 30, 2008 11:29 AM


Anyone been? I love Evangeline's, but it is way too far south for me to go to with any regularity. Ms. B's has been a source of regular disappointment for me.

Anyone been to Sambets?

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  1. Co-workers and I go there about once a month. Its good. Fresh ingredients, good Po Boys. Also they usually have a gumbo, a chowder, a bisque, or a etouffee. Those are always good too.

    Some folks complain that its a tad overpriced for what is essentially a soup and a sandwich. but I like it, plus they usually have an assortment of hot sauces on the tables and generally I find at least one I have never tried before which is cool.

    1. Definitely go when Jean Pierre & the Zydeco Angels are playing (Fridays I think). They are a great zydeco band that reallly add to the dining experience!

      1. thanks for the info. I'll check it out. how's the roast beef po-boy?

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          Phenomenal, the roast beef is very tender and it has a semi-thick gravy that is just divine. Probably one of my favorite roast beef po-boy's I've had in Austin.

        2. I just went there with some friends who had tried it and said it was good. Disclaimer: I'm from the heart of cajun country and am a harsh critic when it comes to my cajun food.
          I orded a boudin poboy and chicken and sausage gumbo (a good test of any cajun restaurant). The gumbo had a lot of chicken and sausage (not garlic smoked sausage, but an herb infused sausage of some sort), but they added a ton of dried herbs, heavy on the oregano, which has no place in a gumbo. And the rice was crunchy. The boudin in the poboy had a good level of spice, but was dry. My friends got the Shrimp poboy and the Roast Beef poboy, which they both devoured.
          I don't usually seek out cajun restaurants because of the inevitable disappointment, but I hear from other Louisiana folks that Evangeline Cafe is very good and the owner is from Lake Charles.

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          1. re: mayormel

            I've been real happy with evangelines. i think they import their bread from Louisiana, which is nice.

            1. re: ieathereforeiam

              Sounds great, ieathereforeiam! I'm like you, though ~ Brodie's a loooong way down there.

              1. re: mayormel

                it's sooo worth it. evangeline is delicious, and the owner, Curtis, is a really nice guy.

          2. We've eaten at Sambet's on occasion and really, the place just seems kind of dirty. This is the main reason we don't go back. Besides that, we've had the boudin (not too good) and the muffelatta sandwich is really a joke. I do like the etoufee, but I agree with a previous poster that the pricing is a bit high.