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Sep 26, 2001 02:31 PM

Nick's in South Pas and thoughts on my breakfast

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Food journal

Fri night:
Supposedly a romantic outdoor dining venue with
lovely food, I visited Nick's in South Pasadena and was unenthused by their food quality. Tried duck with roasted grapes and walnuts which was extremely tough and my dinner companion had Dungeness crab ravioli
with unexciting flavor. Overpriced too. Quickly left
to consume real food in Monterey Park.

Mooncakes are not a typical breakfast, but when events coincide, like the Autumn Moon Festival and a frantic dash for work, I'll eat one. Twist my arm.
The major Chinese supermarkets are carrying very
fresh, NOT fossilized, been-in-inventory brands. My minicakes from Sheng Kee Bakery had a smooth consistency, not too sweet, and delightful crust. No salty egg yolk in the center though, which usually pairs well with the surrounding sweet lotus seed, date, or bean paste.
After my experience with the variety pack last year,
I pored over the descriptions to avoid trendy (Taiwan-trendy) stuff, which can lead to truly terrible ideas for fillings. eg. Summer Breeze Glades, Crisco,

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