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Jan 30, 2008 11:12 AM

Help with this Winelist...

We are heading out to dinner for Toronto's annual Winterlicious Festival to a midway upscale restaurant and was looking for some help with their winelist.

Which is conveniently online...

I'm looking for a relatively (in comparison with most of the list) cheap wine between $40 and $70 since we shall certainly get through more than one bottle. We are not complete neophytes but I'm a bit intimidated by this list.

I've been enjoying Spanish Rioja wines lately as well as Cahors, so a mid to heavy weight red would be perfect for windchills of -20.


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  1. White: Huet Vourvray

    Red:Planeta Nero d'Avola

    This wine list is incredibly frustrating in the sub $120 price range, at least, by U.S. standards...

    1. Doesn't it depend on what you eat?

      Some of their markups are scandalous. Pio Cesare's 2005 Dolcetto retailed for around $20 a bottle. They're asking $120?! Let's hope that's a typo.

      1. I can see why you would be intimidated by this list, it seems like they are trying to confuse you.

        Since you like Cahors and they have one in your price range, that would be a great place to start. The Tempo Morellino di Scansano in the "Tuscany, Italy" section would also be interesting. And lastly, since you also said you are enjoying Rioja's, the Telmo Rioja "LZ" in the "Spain" section which can be found (obviously?....) between "Bordeaux, France" and "Portugal."

        Man, the more I look at the list it just baffles me. I have to think something got wonky in the formatting when they posted it online. That thing is weird.

        Also, wines by the glass change constantly, but most places will sell you a bottle as well. If the Poderi Colla Nebbiolo is still there that would actually be my first choice. If you figure the bottle price is 4 times the BTG price, it "should" be around $50. But they seem to be really specific about the fact they give 6 ouce pours...which technically gives them five glass in a bottle so it could be $60-$65, but that is still in your price range.

        1. glad I'm not buying wine off that list as, for the most part, seems terribly over priced...

          1. Spanish Rioja wines are notoriously light-bodied.
            Many are manipulated to be drunk with fish.