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Jan 30, 2008 10:16 AM

saturday seafood rec's

first time in boston this weekend. figured out most of our vittle stops thanks to board posts, but am just not seeing quite what i am looking for in the way of seafood for saturday lunch/dinner. kind of had my heart set on fish. really fresh fish, hopefully not fried or over thought with grandiose preparation that diverts attention from the FISH. my traveling party is from the midwest, have backgrounds in restaurants and seafood markets and are excited about cutting out some of the middle men in our dream of a great boston fish/seafood lunch/dinner. it can be anything from a hot plate at a seafood market [or the dock] to one of your fine seafood restaurants. independent preferred over chain. we are staying at the hampton crosstown center. we aren't renting a car so it will have to be cab or public transportation within reason. appreciate any help you can dig up!

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    1. re: Taralli

      Will second Neptune and B&G. Skipjacks and Legal would be a cut below these.

    2. Legal Seafood or Skipjacks are good safe bets. Daily Catch in the North End for calamari entrees. Too bad you don't have a car, lots of great places up north.

      1. Kingfish Hall in Faneiul hall has one of the best tuna tartars and calamari i have had. The oysters are always fresh from both east and west coasts every day.