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Jan 30, 2008 10:02 AM

Hidden Vegetarian Restaurants?

My boyfriend and I are tired of the same old vegetarian restaurants in Seattle and we would like to try some thing new. Does any one know of any 'hidden jems' in their neighborhood of restaurants in Seattle that offer a wide variety of vegetarian entrees? .......not just pasta. Thanks for your input!

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  1. I apologize if I posted this twice - but Punjab Sweets in Kent is a 100% vegetarian restaurant w/ Indie cuisine. It's all made from scratch - even the yogurts in their sauces. Bakery has all kinds of sweets that look well worth the carbs. At any rate - they were featured in Sunset Mag in Nov. 2007.

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      Pabla Indian Cuisine in both Renton and Issaquah are also very good vegetarian Indian places; note - the downtown Seattle sells meat, but still has a wide choice of veggie options.

    2. not knowing what your own neighborhood 'jems' might be, i suggest the following as having excellent vegetarian options (and some are vegan!):

      moonlight cafe - 19th/jackson - vietnamese with complete seperate vegie menu

      vegie bistro - 6th/king - pure vegan (and with dim sum!)

      than brothers - several locations - finest vegan pho on earth - cream puffs optional

      cafe flora - madison valley - imaginative vegie food and setting

      pan africa cafe -1st avenue btw. pike/pine - spicy vegie fare on fresh injera

      some friends love bamboo garden at seattle center but i find it has a litterbox odor

      the new 'i love new york deli' in pike place market makes all vegie knishes

      1. Ditto howard 1st on not knowing what you already go to, but I'd reccomend chiang's gourmet on lake city way in roosevelt.

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          What veggie items do you order at Chiang's? The HUGE menu is a bit overwhelming with minimal descriptions. It seems hard to know what, for example, might randomly have ground pork in it, despite a vegetarian-sounding name. Thanks!

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            chiang's is, indeed, a wonderful place with many vegie dishes on the menu - just ask. i am further blessed by mabel, a weekend hostess who has taken me under her wing and orders something different for me every time i am there. get the stinky tofu with kimchee and the mock "bbq ribs"

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              Yes, howard is right, the hostess loves nothing more than to suggest dishes, but also if you get the green colored vegetarian menu, then everything is vegetarian. Makes that reallllly easy.

            2. I moved from Seattle to Cambridge, MA in 2004, so I haven't been able to confrim in person that these are still there, but based on web search it appears they are. This is a tiny place in the U-district.
              There was a good Ethopian/Eritrean restaurant near MLK Blvd. S, but I don't recall the name, but they had gluten-free injera which is hard to find. You probably know about Flowers buffet in the U-district.
              Patty Pan Grill in Ballard catered our wedding. They're open for lunch, not supper, I don't know about weekends. Consider checking the listings on . If there are ones you know about which aren't listed, consider posting them there.

              1. Here's the Ethiopian place I was talking about. We had the veg combo, back before I moved to MA in 2004.
                formerly Fasica) - now called Awash
                3808 S. Edmunds
                98118 Columbia City