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The Flakey Tart - OMG-My Review!

We finally visited the much heralded Flakey Tart this morning. There was nobody there when we arrived, which was good for us because we were able to park in the tiny parking lot in front. The very nice lady at the counter said they were already sold out of the scones but there was still so much that I wanted to try so no problem. With our coffees, dh had a blueberry muffin and I had a chocolate croissant. I had promised dd that I would bring her back a brownie but did not see any displayed. We sat at the counter and it wasn't long before a steady stream of locals would come in, all walking out with more than one item. The blueberry muffin was one of the best I have ever eaten and I think it is very hard to find a good muffin of any kind period. It had a wonderful crumb topping and the blueberries were wonderful. It wasn't too sweet and it had a great flavor. The crossiant was the best I've ever had period. I don't think there are any good bakeries in Monmouth county, at least the ones that I know of. I do like Delicious Orchards Bostom Creme Pie and I do like Twin Pond Farms apple pie, other than that, I can honestly say I stay away from bakeries because I am always disappointed. Until today. This was such a unique bakery because Marie (the owner and pastry chef) was taking goodies out the whole time I was there. Everything was literally being made fresh on the spot and I've never seen anything like this. I asked about the brownies and she said they just came out of the oven and if I would wait, she would cut me a few. Then came out the macoroni and cheese which of course I also took some home. The macoroni and cheese is made with two cheeses, cheddar and gruyere, cream and loads of butter with a lovely crumb topping. Piping hot, right out of the oven she put this on display and immediately cut a portion for me and another customer. I've never seen anything like this. I also bought two chocolate cream tarts which I will save for tonight. DD came home from school, loved the mac and cheese and adored the brownie. I mentioned to Marie that this place is "all over the web" and that is how I heard about it. I told her that I came all the way from Freehold and that I read about her on Chowhound. She said "I love you guys". She said she only uses fresh and natural ingredients, no lard, etc. but she doesn't over charge for items either. If you have a hankering for something and are afraid they might be sold out before you get there, you can order it on the phone and she will put it aside for you. The number is 732-291-2555. I told Marie and the other worker that I was going to go home and put in (another) good word for the Flakey Tart to my chowhounds. Please keep this place in business. It truely is a gem.

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  1. That place sounds wonderful, I can't wait till I 'm in the neighborhood! Do they make sticky buns?

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        The Flakey Tart is in Atlantic Highlands. Here's a previous thread that includes exact address and directions: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/440817

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          It is located at 145 First Avenue, very close to the Memphis Pig Out. Please note that they are closed on Mondays and during the week they close around 6. Sundays open until 2; Saturdays till 5 (I think).

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            As you are driving towards the Harbor its right across the street from the elementary school next to the Marina/Boating Store on the left hand side of the street. Memphis Pig out is actually about a good 6 to 7 hundred yards down the road.

            Their brownies and macaroni and cheese are heavenly.

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            so glad you enjoyed it. having met marie at a charity function, you could tell she was passionate about what she does. somehow, i have to get up there for the pan au chocolat, to die for good !

        2. We happened upon The Flakey Tart when we were having unexpected guests over for dinner a few months ago. We had dinner covered but needed dessert. I sent my DH out in search of something. He found The Flakey Tart and brought home a Key Lime pie/tart (not sure what to call it..........had the consistency of a cheesecake). It was out of this world. Ther four of us blew through the whole thing because it was just that good. I haven't had the pleasure of shopping there myself but after all these reviews, I think that will be changing soon!

          1. I also found the Flaky Tart through Chowhound just last week. I drove right up there after calling and asking them to put aside a couple chocolate croissants for me! The bakery is beautiful, and the croissants were delicious. I also got DH a raspberry crumb cake thingy and he said it was yummy, too.

            I'm so happy I found you Flaky Tart!!

            1. I finally had a chance to get down there today. Five stars all around. I was helped by a blond haired lady named Barbara. She was absolutely delightful, friendly and as helpful as could be. She asked me what I'd like and after taking a look around I replied "EVERYTHING!". They were selling a croissant bread pudding and it was insanely good. I also bought one of the key lime tarts, a sleeve of chocolate chip cookies, chocolate coconut macaroons (I bought the last four on display), miniature carrot cake muffins, a blueberry muffin which my friend adored and a cinnamon bun which was out of this world.

              The macaroni and cheese comes out at 11 in the morning and they also serve soup. Sandwich specials change daily. II was there too early today for lunch but I can't wait to go back. YUMMM!

              1. So after reading all of the wonderful reviews here, I headed down to Flakey Tart this past Saturday. I can't believe I haven't gone there sooner! I clocked it at 12 minutes from my house and just barely over 7 miles. Took home with me a small carrot cake for my mother for Mother's Day, some of that sinful mac and cheese, a piece of frittata, a maple-walnut scone, the ham and gruyere crossiant, one pan au chocolat, and one little muffin I want to say it had monkey in the name?? Everything was out of this world!!! I cannot wait to head back. I'll be writing a full report with pictures on my blog this week hopefully.

                1. I've read about this place over the past year or so here. Saturday we were in Keansburg at the water park for a birthday party. I have a new self imposed rule where I don't eat anything unless it meets my chowhound standards. That said, I passed on the hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza that was served at the party. We left the kiddie party, my 4 and 2 year old exhausted from all the fun and sleeping in their car seats. I was starving. I said to my wife, let’s go get some goodies and we set off to the Flakey tart

                  It was around 4:00 and they were pretty cleaned out but managed to get: The last serving of their Mac and Cheese, Later to become my dinner. The Chocolate Covered Macaroons, a small keylime pie, chocolate chip cookies, small fruit tart, mini chocolate cream pie, and the mini-carrot cake cupcakes. All for about $26.

                  The Chocolate Chip Cookie - I’ve seldom had a bad freshly baked cookie, these were no different but even more awesome. Thin, Big and Crispy.

                  The Macaroons - They were topped with chocolate mousse and dipped in dark chocolate. They were beautiful to look at and tasted as good as they looked. I like Macaroons, but they never wowed me before. These wowed me. These had a strange texture but in a really good way. Really good.

                  The Mac and Cheese - Outstanding, really enjoyed the panko bread crumb topping, nice crunchy contrast. The Mac Cheese was real tasty, good texture, not mushy at all. Great cheese flavor and even detected a very subtle heat from maybe some cayenne pepper.

                  The Mini Carrot Cake - Another outstanding treat. Not a huge fan of carrot cake, but this was awesome and the cream on top really complemented the cake well.

                  Small fruit tart - Again excellent, really great buttery crust and flavorful cream and of course sweet seasonal berries.

                  Mini chocolate cream pie - I cut it in half to share with my wife. At first I was disappointed, there was an inch or so of cream and a small amount of chocolate cream. Then I tasted it and it was great. The chocolate wasn't cream at all but a piece of quality dark chocolate. The cream had vanilla bean and was really good.

                  My wife and I ate all of this in one sitting, good thing I skipped lunch.

                  We opted to save the Key Lime pie for the next day. Key Lime pie isn't something I usually go for, but the girl behind the counter said I had to try it. What a treat it was. Again great crust, awesome lime flavor and the cream was great too. The best I ever had, but that’s relative as I haven’t had much Key Lime Pie. But I'm pretty confident this would be up there.

                  Flakey Tart is a 1/2 hour from me, but I think we will visit more often. Also spoke with Marie, the owner/baker and she was real nice.

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                    Was it an actual key lime pie? Last time I was there I had the key lime tart and loved it If there making a pie now I'll be there tomorrow.

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                      No you are right, it was actually a key lime tart.

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                        I kept a slice of my key lime tart as a pet for...oh say...4 months
                        was nice and furry by the end of it
                        in other news, while I was in France, went to a pastry place that Marie suggested and was wowwwed, to say the least.
                        I am certainly looking foward to going back, but that two hour drive is keeping me from going =/

                  2. My family and I just went to this bakery IT is heavenly!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything was perfect!
                    First Avenue in Atlantic Highlands