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Jan 30, 2008 09:40 AM

Duck Fat: What do you use it with?

So I impulsively purchased some duck fat at the butcher recently, though I've never used it before. I've not done much research on same, but I thought I could enliven Kale and collards, not to mention white bean preparations.....

However, I wish to learn from the cognoscenti of cookery about how you've used duck fat in preparing foods. Please do share, and thanks!

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  1. I saute potatoes in it with some shallots.

    1. Congratulations! You get honorary south-west French citizenship! Around here people use it pretty much instead of butter and oil. Maybe not for spreading on bread or making salad dressing, although it's not unheard of. So far I haven't seen anyone try to make pastry with it… The classic recipe, I guess, is "pommes de terre à la sarladaise" (with truffles, if you have them, otherwise cèpes). But this is often served as an accompaniment to duck confit, so you would end up with even more fat afterwards! Same goes for cassoulet. If you have enough fat, you can cook gizzards in it (simmered very gently for 2 hours with garlic and thyme).

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        I think it makes an absolutely wonderful pie crust. Use 50/50 duck fat/butter. I then used the pastry as a base for my tourtière... divine!

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          I prefer goose to duck fat on my bread. Nice ideas!

        2. I use it to oven or pan roast any root vegetable, not just potatoes. I use it a lot with sliced carrots and thyme, particularly.

          1. I love my duck fat!
            Lets see here, in the last two weeks, I've roasted potatoes (reds with caramelized shallots & thyme), I always use it to pop popcorn, and I used some of my stock of duck fat when I made some pork belly confit.
            There is a hot dog joint here that makes fries in duck fat on Fridays.

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              Popcorn?!? *Drops laptop, runs to kitchen*

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                I used it for popcorn last night and, although it made my house smell marvelously ducky, I didn't find the popcorn transformative.

                Now..... duck fat and potatoes? bliss.

            2. As my User Name suggests, the absolute best use of duck fate is for basting eggs over low flame temperature.