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Jan 30, 2008 07:40 AM

Atlanta: Looking for comments on Allegro

I am considering a reservation there for this weekend. I don't know much about it and have heard little other than the chef used to be at Sotto Sotto. I am eager to hear people's thoughts about it.

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  1. Ate there Saturday. I have heard raves but was a little underwhelmed. The service was bad - not rude, but very unpolished. The server dropped our plates on the table rather than setting them down. When entrees were served the server never returned to ask if I wanted more wine (which I did). We saw two waiters drop glassware in the 2 hours we were there. The food was well prepared, but not particularly exciting. The beef ravioli appetizer was lovely and the prawns were quite good. The beet and pear salad was excellent. I could have lived without all of the three entrees. King crab canneloni was drowned in cream sauce - the taste of the crab meat was barely discernable. Veal chop was fine and hefty, but a little dry - Rathbun's veal chop is far superior. The duck was good but uninspired - I can think if 5 restaurants nearby that do it better including Woodfire Grill which does a wonderful duck. One other thing - the room is sooooooooo loud. I did not mind it, but it was noticabley louder than any other restaurant I go to regularly.

    1. My wife & I went there for dinner last night with another couple & overall the experience was poor. Service was ok (although he did feel the need to explain, in detail, his >10 favorite items of the menu), but the food just wasn't any good.


      - Duck entree, completely tough & ill-seasoned. My wife only ate about 1/3 of it, and the bite I had completely sucked.
      - scallop carpaccio, the scallop was fine, but it was literally drowning in olive oil. I only ate about half & when the waiter took my plate I said "I've had enough olive oil soup" .. no response from him.

      - veal chop
      - rabbit/monkfish pasta
      - red sauce/mussels pasta
      - beef ravioli
      - meat/cheese platter

      all these items were fine, but were no where near as good as Sotto Sotto or Antica Posta.

      That's about it, the dining room was about 2/3's busy (friday night) at the peak & almost completely empty by the time we left at 10:00, so I think the word is out ....