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Jan 30, 2008 07:39 AM

What should I have at Rack & Soul?

I know folks have mixed feelings on Rack & Soul, and that it can be inconsistent. That being said, what should I order? The fried chicken? Is the BBQ any good? The sides?

Thanks for any help.

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  1. Took a friend from Mississippi and he enjoyed it. Tried the crayfish tails for an appetizer which were a bit bland (they just tasted fried). We liked the fried chicken and the BBQ pork...and I think the catfish was also OK. For sides we liked the collards....don't remember much else other than that we ordered fries but couldn't eat them.

    1. I've read the mixed reviews as well, but I must say that I have never had a bad meal there--ever. The BBQ is good, quite good in fact--underrated for reasons I don't understand. The fried chicken and waffles are quite good. Servings are hearty. Service can be a tad slow in the restaurant at times, but not terrible. The only issue I have is that I hate the biscuits they serve.

      1. Just a brief note: Two of us just had an excellent lunch here. The corn biscuits are terrific and come with lunch. Fried chicken was finger-lickin' good and not greasy. And the baby back ribs, with a sweet sauce, while nothing close to the Daisy Mae ribs, were far better than most here in NY. Amazingly, the side dishes (actually served in dishes, not those tiny paper Dixie cups) were really great: shoestring French fries with skin; mashed potatoes; sweet and wonderful cole slaw, and smoky black eyed peas. (Lunch did not get the seal of the American Heart Association, but delicious nevertheless). Service was swift and friendly and the old R&B music was a definite plus. Clean and uncrowded on a Monday at 1pm. Bill was about $30 with tip for two. Recommended.

        1. The Fried Chicken is to die for. You can and should request all dark meat. Have it with their smoked collard greens and candied yams or coleslaw. Ymmmmm.
          The mac and cheese is ok, but not great. Love those honey sweetened warm biscuits, too! BTW, the fried chicken has been consistently good over the dozen times I have been there in the past two years....(any more visits and my LDL would be so high!)

          1. I've never had a bad experience there either. The biscuits were really good; it's sweeter than usual and really hits the spot. The sides (mac and cheese!) were excellent, and the pulled pork terrific. The servings are pretty big too - I typically share an entree with another friend and order more side dishes.