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Jan 30, 2008 07:30 AM

Where to find supplies for cake decorating?

Hi, I have a friend coming in from London who wants to start a cake-decorating business. She is looking for somewhere (in NYC or w/in easy driving reach) that would sell baking supplies but specialised for fancy cake making - fondant, colours, lustres, cutters, etc. Anyone got any ideas?? Thanks.

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  1. This is the place. Anything your friend might want.

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    1. re: JoanN

      There is a tiny shop in Sunnyside, Queens called Sugarroom that has EVERYTHING you could ever need. Take the 7 train to 40th St. and it's about 1/3 block north of the subway stop, on 40th.

      1. re: biondanonima

        New York Cake (linked above) while in Manhattan can be pricey and rude.
        Outbourghs might be worth a trip, so also consider:Pfeil & Holding Inc
        5815 Northern Blvd
        Woodside NY 11377-2297

        and a friend took a Wilton class at Micheal's Craft in Woodside which she said was more helpful than Toba's at ICE so that might be worth it for economical if not exotic options.

        1. re: Stuffed Monkey

          I just came across this thread because I'm looking for alternatives to NY Cake & Baking. The guys who help you find stuff are nice but everyone else who works there is so rude. Plus their prices are way higher than anywhere else. Paste food colors are more than $1 more each than at Michael's.

          Sure they have everything you need but in this day in age of being able to order stuff online, I think they should treat their customers better. Plus, what's up with no strollers? I know the place is small but to ban strollers with a sign out front seems like an unnecessary precaution.

          Isn't JB Prince switching to online sales only soon?

          1. re: tashistation

            Ditto on that about NY Cake. There is one guy there in particular who is a real A-hole! Besides the ridiculous prices, I hate how everything is so disorganized and what a horrible setup with the foldout tables. They couldn't come up with a more professional setup? The place feels so dingy. The only reason they are in business is that they are one of the few places of its kind in the Manhattan.

    2. Thanks you guys, my friend is very grateful.

      1. J.B. Prince Company
        36 East 31st Street
        New York, NY 10016-6821

        Showroom to the public and you can purchase everything.

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        1. re: DarthEater

          Isn't JB Prince switching to online sales only soon? Or maybe that already happened? i've never been there but heard it was good. How are the prices compared to NY Cake?

          1. re: tashistation

            JB Prince is not switching exclusively to online sales. Their showroom is still on the 11th floor at 36 E. 31st Street, New York, NY 10016

            1. re: jonexl

              thanks jonexl!

              By the way, I just went to Sugar Room in Sunnyside, Queens and they had tons of cake decorating supplies and decent prices. Also the guy who runs it and teaches the classes there is really patient and helpful and didn't make me feel like an idiot even though I'm totally amateur hour when it comes to this stuff.

        2. In Jackson Heights, on Junction Blvd between 34th and 35th avenue is Pattycakes. They have lots of equipment and ingredients. they also have classes.