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Jan 30, 2008 07:06 AM

All-Clad Question

Can anyone explain the price difference between All-Clad's Stainless 6 Quart Sautee pan, which is $254.99 and the Stainless 6 quart Ultimate Saute Pot, which is $159.99? It seems to me they could both serve more or less the same purpose.

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  1. The AC Saute-pot is essentially a 6qt stockpot with a long handle on it -- i.e. it has very high side to bottom ratio (I'd guess 1:1, almost, so it's as high as it is wide). The saute-pan is much more shallow and has a low side to bottom ratio (about 4in high, but 14 wide, I beleive). The price difference would make me think that saute pot is thinner in construction (I'll have to look at this); the shape is what would concern me the most, and I'm pretty sure that it would not be too useful, at least, much less so than the classic sautepan shape. Hope that helps.

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      The 6 qt, saute is just as heavy with the same construction as the 6 qt. stockpot. It's just one of their promotional items that are better priced. Williams Sonoma just had it on sale as they were not carrying them any longer and sold them for $74.99. The are top quality and a steal at that price, but they are gone by now. I did post earlier here of the sale.

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        I have the 6 quart sautee pan and it's really big. You couldn't use it like a stockpot, though. I use my 4 quart a lot more.

        I think the construction is the same, unless they are outsourcing it to China now.

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          Why do you say you couldn't use it as a stockpot when it's the exact same pot as their 6 qt. stockpot but with one long handle instead of 2 loop ones. All-Clad stockpots are really dutch ovens as they are lower and wider than standard stockpot. You definitely can use the 6 qt. saute the same way. The only difference is the handle might make it a bit awkward in the oven.

      2. Thanks for the input. I find it so irritating that they charge so much more just for a different height/ width ratio. I would certainly find the pan more useful, could do more with it. Guess I am going to have to pony it up. I am concerned about the large size but when I cook I tend to cook for crowds. Of course after reading about the Walmart Tramantina stuff my interest is piqued. Hmm...

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        1. re: Queena75

          I would call the 800# on the Williams Sonoma website. Put that item in your cart and that will give you their SKU on it. Give that SKU to customer service, and ask if they can check their stock across the coutry for you on that item. They might find one at the $75 price for you, and you can have it sent. Good luck!

          1. re: blondelle

            But it was the pot that was on sale, not the pan, right? It's the pan that I really want.

            1. re: Queena75

              What was on sale was the 6 qt. saute pan with one long handle and one loop handle.