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Jan 30, 2008 07:04 AM

Atlanta downtown dining recs

My brother and I will be in Atlanta for one night next week, staying at the Marriott downtown, which is right near the Westin.

I did a search here of Atlanta downtown and read through everything, but many of the places people have recommended are steak or seafood, and we are both vegetarians.

The hotel's website mentions that Azio Downtown is nearby. I did not see this restaurant listed in Chowhound posts. I looked at their website and they have a few veggie basics. Has anyone ever been there? Is there a dress code?

If anyone has any recs for places nearby that are veggie-friendly, please respond.

Thanks for your help!


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  1. I've eaten there twice, and enjoyed it both times. I don't think that they have a dress code or anything, but you probably wouldn't be comfortable in cut-offs or tank tops. I can't remember exactly what all we had (a party of 10 or so), but I do remember everyone enjoying themselves- unfortunately, there wasn't a vegetarian in the group...

    A block or so over in the Gift Mart or the Merchandise Mart there is an Indian place- I've never known anyone who has eaten there, but I do know some folks who have eaten at several events that they catered, and they said that it was really good...Might be a better choice for a vegetarian!


    1. there are a few vegetarian friendly places if they still exist around atlanta. Don't know which might be downtown, but try these: Broadway Cafe (Briarcliff Rd, 404-329-0888), Cafe Sunflower (2 places both are veg, one on peachtree and one on Roswell), Camelis on Glenwood is also veg (404-622-9926), all veg Indian at Madras Cafe (404-320-7120), Terra Grille (Peachtree, 404-841-1032), Veggieland is mostly vegan thai (on N. Phar, 404-231-3111). There are a few more listed in Healthy Highways (

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        Cameli's on Glenwood has been closed for years. Unfortunately, nothing else you listed is remotely close to downtown.

      2. pak-

        what is the extent of your vegetarianism? do you eat seafood, etc...or just veggies?

        1. Dynamic Dish is mostly vegetarian, mostly organic. You might try Creative Loafing online for more vegetarian reccos and a review of DD.

          1. Try One Midtown Kitchen or Two Urban Licks. There's also JCT Kitchen nearby.