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Jan 30, 2008 06:14 AM

Roberto's Restaurant on a Friday? (Bronx)

I am having a family dinner on a Friday this coming month and would love to check out Roberto's, but I have heard the wait gets crazy. Would it be a dumb move to drag 5 family members at around 7pm. to a restaurant that has a known wait, and does not take reservations? I think the answer might be yes, but I really want to go :)

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  1. If you don't want to wait for a table, I would consider going earlier, perhaps at around 5:30, otherwise it's going to be a while. If you're set on dining at that particular time, you might want to try his other restaurant Trattoria Zero Otto Nove - great pizza and pasta dishes. You can check out the menu online

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      That place sounds good too! I made a reservation at Emilia's because we are stuck in a particular time frame. Would you say that Trattoria Zero would be a better choice then Emilia's?

      1. re: bosun

        I've eaten at Emilia's and Trattoria Zero has much better food and it's a great space as well. Since you're interested in Roberto's food, this is a great way to sample it without dealing with the craziness of the original place.

        1. re: dmleo

          Thanks, I actually remember reading a comment about their pizza with butternut squash puree and pancetta a while back. Their sauteed sweet sausage with butternut squash & gorgonzola dish sounds to really good, as well. I appreciate the help.

    2. Ask the family members if they mind the wait. I've been twice on a friday night and waited 15 minutes and around 35-40 minutes. I find the food to be so good, I can deal with the wait, but if I took certain friends/family members, and didn't warn them about the wait, they would kill me. If they (and you) can deal with the wait don't deprive yourself!!

      1. bosun, venturing into Roberto's is a trip...occasionally oversalted...but a good city vibe all the way, if you don't mind waiting. Zero Otto sounds quite good too...but I would also consider the other 'new kid on the block' as this case Antonio's Trattoria on Belmont Ave. & 186th., just down the street from Roberto. Great bar, wonderful food from crusty pizzas to Short Ribs....owned by young local guys, I understand....and prices are reasonable.