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Jan 30, 2008 06:03 AM

Great lunch place near Wake Med in Raleigh?

Have to go to Wake Med on Monday. Anyplace great for a lunch?

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  1. Which WakeMed facility? (part of town?)

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    1. re: Suzy Q

      In Raleigh: 3000 New Bern Avenue

      Raleigh, NC 27610

    2. I don't know of hidden gems right there at the hospital, but you're not far from either Glenwood South or the North Hills area.

      Glenwood: my favorites are Lily's Pizza and Hayes Barton Cafe. Casual but funky atmosphere and good food. I had a fried bologna sandwich and cherry coke at HB yesterday and it was yummy.

      North Hills: McAlisters isn't bad for a chain, and if you're a burger guy, folks rave about the Five Guys there. Q Shack isn't bad, and Pharoah's makes great chicken salad and hot dogs.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Red Palace, is just North on New Burn. The best Authentic Chinese Restaurant in Raleigh. Do not go to the buffet but order off the traditional Chinese menu.

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        1. re: chazzer

          I was going to suggest the same thing! Very yummy!

          1. re: sarahUNC

            Hands down, Red Palace is the place to go near WakeMed. There are a couple of tacquerias on New Bern/Business 64 that I've been wanting to try.

        2. Best close spot is Oakwood Cafe....Take New Bern into town to Person St. (New Bern changes to Edenton St. about halfway) It's on the corner of Edenton and Person. They feature Cuban and Argentinean dishes with daily specials. Very tasty! Tends to get crowded- I've found it's best to go early (11:30) or late (1:30).